Eating For A Healthy Heart

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In order to be heart healthy and to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, we recommend a low cholesterol diet and low-fat animal source and a little sodium (salt). This diet was designed to reduce high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

 General instructions
  • More than eating fruits and vegetables
  •  A few eating milk products or fat-free.
  •  More than eating whole grains and fiber-rich food
  •  Select the amount of salt (sodium chloride) or salty foods
  •  Avoid drinking coffee, especially heavy and replace it with green tea
  •  Do not over-eat sugar or sweets
  •  Do not eat fried foods or fatty-source
  •  Read the food label on food products to choose products low in saturated fat and cholesterol and sodium
  •  Try increasing the level of activity and exercise to keep body weight in the level of health
  •  Avoid smoking
 Prohibited foods

      High cholesterol
      High saturated fat
      High sodium
        Egg yolk
        Meat and includes:
        Weft rib veal
        Beef Steak
        Piece Download
        Fried sausage
        Seafood and include:
        Sea of ​​cancer
        Milk or milk or full-fat yogurt.
        Ice Cream
        Full-fat cheese.

        Butter oil
        Full-fat milk
        Chicken skin only
        Coconut Oil
        Palm oil

        Tomato juice
        Salted nuts
        Salted biscuits
        Canned meat
        Canned soups
        Canned vegetables

       Permitted foods

Foods are low in saturated fat (animal source) cholesterol and low sodium (salt):
Egg whites
Rice and pasta
Do not take more than one egg yolk twice a week
Fresh fruits and vegetables
  (meat mushy)
Bread and whole grains mainland
Skinless chicken
Home-cooked soup
Milk or milk or yogurt or skimmed few
Low-fat cheese and low salt
Garlic, lemon, cinnamon and less than one cup per day onions
Small amounts of canola oil, olive oil, corn oil and sunflower oil

 in the end you should be interested in all steps to get a healthy body and healthy heart and healthy living
                     i hope to get a healthy living 


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