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Walking for half an hour a day:
Says a researcher at the University of Miami, Dr. Janet Bond Brill, that ****** walking contribute much to remove accumulated fat in the central part of one's body. And Dr. Janet conducted a study involving two groups of women, first practiced walking for half an hour a day for a period of five days a week with a program of diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The group abandoned ****** walking exercises and relied on slimming diet program. After 12 weeks, group ****** exercises lost walking largest amount of abdominal fat more than twice the amount lost by the second group which was adopted only
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Tips to Treat Obesity 2012 program.

On a slimming diet program.

Other studies have found
that walking for 12 weeks even without a slimming diet program, it is enough to burn, 165 pounds of fat and reduce the size of the center by 25 inches.
There are other good news as other studies have shown that women practicing walking for half an hour a day for a period of five days a week, lose the same amount of fat and the size of the abdomen just like who practice the sport for two hours a day.

* Quick agility exercises the whole body:
Despite the fact that men do not face great difficulty in getting rid of the wrinkles on their stomachs, compared with women, is that it is not a common situation. In a recent study, participants were directed using a quick set of whole-body strengthening exercises for three times a week for eight weeks, participants have succeeded both ***** yen in pounds of weight loss is that women only managed to melt a great deal of abdominal fat, as reported by the researcher Arne Hunter, a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Is still on the team who has worked with Dr. Hunter at the conduct of the study, identify the reasons why women lose a larger amount of fat bellies, but should not wait to take advantage of this exercise. The idea is not based on those reported by women in the study conducted by Dr. Hunter, but it is largely similar to the style which followed to achieve leaner body.

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* Eating yogurt:
The yogurt contains the same amount of calories that are found in soda, is a NH more fulfilling as well as the high level of vitamins and minerals in it at four times the rate. One of the benefits of yogurt its ability to stimulate the fat burning process, particularly in the abdominal area. When asked Dr. Michael Zimil, from the University of Tennessee, a group of persons under the program slimming, add three cups of yogurt light in their diet every day, have lost more than 22 percent of their weight and 61 percent of body fat in addition to the 81 percent of abdominal fat during the 12 weeks compared with the people who did not eat yogurt in their diet.
And retains a great deal of calcium daily along with fat in the abdominal fatty cells.
It is through the continuous consumption of a large amount of calcium in the diet, the body works to secrete calcium stock contributes to the liberation of fat in the context of that process. Perhaps yogurt contains micronutrients working to strengthen this effect, as indicated by the Dr. Zimil.

* Double protein:
Get rid of the belly, diet to lose belly, get rid of the rumen
Tips to Treat Obesity 2012 program

Most people get about 12 percent of their calories of protein daily, but the results of a Danish study suggests that this ratio may account for about half of what one needs to achieve ideal weight.
The study showed that people who got 25 percent of their calories daily from foods such as meat and dairy products low in fat, have lost their stomachs twice as much fat loss people who get on only 12 percent of those calories.

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* Choose the appropriate fat:
It is known that foods rich in saturated fats which are obtained mainly from animal sources such as egg yolks, cream and high-fat meat, causing the accumulation of fat cells around the center of the body and abdomen. But there is a surprising fact revealed by some experts, is that foods rich in unsaturated fats contribute to decrease the size of the center and the abdomen. There are more kinds of these fats "good" and called (omega - 3 Q), the usefulness of the body in fish, linseed and walnut.
In a study lasted for 16 weeks, reduced the size of the belly of the participating group adopted on a program of diet rich in fish meat, by between 4 to 6 inches.


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