Four Tips for permanent agility

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Have you noticed that "some people" do not corpulence
Whatever they ate, and no matter how their laziness and lack of movement!?
Did you notice that obese people always stand at a certain weight
And a fixed number no corpulence after him whatever they ate!?
Will also noted that each of the work "diet"
Quickly back to the previous weight and then settle down with him!?

All of these cases confirm the existence of a certain number, a special indicator,
The preferred weight has a trim body and settles it
Although there are many factors that determine every human being (your index) healthy diets
However, the fundamental and decisive factor is what is known as the rate of metabolism ...
And Metabolism (Metabolism) Launches word on the process of dismantling chemicals
In the food to extract the energy needed by the body ..
And low metabolism rate means lower calorie burn rate
Extracted from food storage
(A problem experienced by obese people in general)!!
The high rate of metabolism means is to increase the burning of calories extracted
Of food and thus the lack of surplus can be stored in the body
(For this reason, do not fattening some people no matter how they ate!!)
Since you experimented with various types of diet and deprivation, it is time
To think in a different way (to get rid of obesity)
Depends on the revitalization of the metallization process have reduced the weight index
At which relaxes your body ..
As far as I know there are many ways to raise the metallization process

I chose you the four most important ones:

The first way

healthy diets Breakfast served well in terms of quantity and quality
It is proven that not eating breakfast freak hunger center in the brain
Believes that you are in a state "famine" be reduced rate of metabolism
(Which is what makes you feel debilitated) also baptizes to store most of what Eat
Later to be used as emergency ..
But when the opposite happens and deal with a good breakfast feels secure enough
And spent most of the food as energy during the day without storing any of them
(Which is what makes you feel active) and deals with any meal the next with the same effectiveness and level ..

The second method
They take into account periods of high and low metallization process during the day ...
Eating a good breakfast not only benefits to reassure the hunger center in the brain
(And get it out of the standby state of famine putative)
But also because our bodies are first day more willing to
To burn the most calories
(So ​​as to allow the use and benefit from the end of the day) ..
While solves the evening decreases the rate of metabolism, where is left
In today Enough to use and thus baptizing the body to store surplus
Of them (which is an evidence of foul eat fatty meals at night)!

  The third way
They are eating foods and drinks that increase metabolism rate actually ...
This advice and require you to monitor developments and medical advice
On this subject; I personally read the news confirms the role of coffee,
And green tea, and centuries chili,
Lifting in the rate of metabolism and burn calories ..
Has proved a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior
That coffee drinkers have rate rises metallization
16% more than others ..
It also proved that green tea speeds up bowel movement
And get rid of the food before its absorption (to the last drop) ..
The Chili centuries believed to be responsible for agility "Indians"
They raise the rate of burning calories
The equivalent of walking for a distance of 80 minutes a day ...

The fourth and final
They are reducing sugars and starches compared to proteins and fats;
and sugars Links combustion and they also burned body
By others (and, while only ones baptizing to store fat, proteins) ..
There are many studies demonstrated that the metabolism associated with the intake of proteins
, Poor fat metabolism associated with eating starches and sugars
And that those who are in their diet focused on proteins and healthy fats
Increase their metabolism rate after 10 weeks of the application of the idea!!


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