Agility after childbirth is very important

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How do you become a graceful after birth

Learn women without men, a situation which the woman immediately after the birth pains of pregnancy, then the pain of the situation. The important thing is that postpartum pain that be for a period of time not exceeding in cases of natural 4 days on the bed.

The physiological status of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy have a high degree of extensibility and prolongation to the extent that in some cases up between 40 to 60 cm.
This gift and the mercy of God Almighty. Because if we assume that the muscles do not expand this size portraying the pain resulting from pregnancy and childbirth.

Because if we assume that the muscles do not expand this size portraying the pain resulting from pregnancy and childbirth.

If abdominal muscles after childbirth

Start talking about the physiological status of the abdominal muscles after the situation directly, of course, only talk about natural childbirth and not «section», muscles flaccid and is tight and easy to move and difficult contraction, and that there will be a shortage of calcium-stimulating contraction of muscle in these muscles. So the obvious situation with you should be doing women after childbirth. Of course, the pain of the situation does not allow women immediately after birth to perform movements and exercises, on the contrary, you must follow the instructions for the doctor in terms of comfort and make sure to stop internal bleeding, if any, as well as the situation attack for women as well as the readiness of the breasts to breastfeed, these basic things must ensure safety and readiness before the performance of any type of movement and for a period specified by the specialist doctor. It must confirm here that there are individual differences between women in the time required to return the status of the abdominal muscles after birth, usually between 3 to 6 months.

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Re-setting exercises abdominal muscles tight to the image and graceful

This is the most important part in the previous sections and complement it, so it must not be separated between the nutritional value of nutrition and physical activity; because the application did not follow one of them may cause serious damage to the woman's body in general and the abdomen in particular.

Phases of the program

Suppose controversy that women after childbirth in the natural state need to be three days in bed, then start on the fourth day program, which recommend that lasts for two months without interruption because the abdomen - as mentioned earlier - in the natural state needs between 3 to 6 months in order to return to its natural state.

These program steps to accelerate the re-development of the abdominal muscles to natural photo:

Woman starts walking in the house gradually provided they do not make any sudden movement to discourage panic left or right or down or up, but hate the natural movement for walking and standing in the house for 10 minutes several times per day and not less than 6 times.

This simple exercise that needs to be simple effort begins to raise the level of the heart to pump blood and stimulate blood circulation and the respiratory tract. As well as the simple tide muscles of the legs, back, chest, abdomen, and this exercise helps the body to prepare and accept other exercises.

Breastfeeding and the return of the abdominal muscles to normal

Must be for a mother to her baby monitors well and suckle
 a naturally, where Breastfeeding helps restore the abdominal muscles into place well and normal.

The most important exercises that are used in the rehabilitation of the abdominal muscles is the next exercise, through which can be derived several exercises complement it. This situation is lying flat on the back and return the arms back and extending combs foot to an end for 10 seconds, and follow the principle of inhalation and exhalation continuous slow in order to guarantee access oxygen to the muscles.

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 Of The previous situation ante raise the feet a distance of 10 to 15 cm just do not try stability for the longest possible period of 5 seconds to 9 seconds - 15 seconds to be up to one minute in this exercise its inception take rest periods of no more than 10 seconds if not increased lifting feet for 20 seconds, then repeat the exercise twice a day for one minute each time.
Of the same situation, the following exercises:

* Wrapped abdominal exercise:

Form '2a' which lie on the back and then bend the knee up and put your hands on the chest and head attached to the ground.
A) 2 (b lifting the head up and forward and fixed castors hands and feet as well, '2 c' cut the head back with no contact with the ground.

* Note: This exercise is to be operational after the second exercise two minutes, repeat the exercise in the form of 2 is 5 times in a row returned often twice a day, morning and afternoon for three days, more than then to 3 times per day each time 5 iterations.

* Exercise rotational abdominal wrap

- Exercise in (Figure 3) is different from the two sides first be raised elbow and try to touch the knee joint, and the second is to try to touch the elbow to the knee joint as follows:
Of the same situation in Figure 1 begins exercises to lift the two men up and back «3 a» then put the hands on the ears' on the ears and not the back of the head. In the form of «3» to begin moving the knee and try to touch the elbow joint time left and the right time. «As in 3 c» attempt to touch the elbow joint of the knee, but violation of any way that the left elbow touches the right knee and right elbow touches the left knee. The objective of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen, as well as the loin muscles.

Repeat this exercise is as follows:

6 am and 6 times a night for a week, then at the beginning of the second week starts up duplicates a rate of once per day, or 6 times then 7 times and 8 times and so on for two months.

* Note: This can be the mother that her death exercises immediately after birth 'is the best' to start these exercises after a month or two after birth.


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