Important tips to keep your balance and strengthen the immune system

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Complex operations struggling our immune system against pathogens. Sometimes the immune system departs from the balance of the body becomes more susceptible to disease,  and the German doctors advised of the need to follow a healthy lifestyle helps to strengthen the immune system.

The immune system is the first line of defense, which protects the body from infection of the causes of the disease, Through complex processes enable the immune system to fight bacteria and germs and fungi.

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  It follows on the immune cells to do basic tasks: first to destroy pathogens and remove, The second task is the formation of antibodies to the exotic objects. And through memory developed by the immune system, are recognized the Protein composition of the causes of the disease, in the event of entry into the body again.
• causes malfunction of the immune system:
Indicates Professor lodger clam the immune diseases specialist to the possibility of the loss of the immune system to balance, may prevents doing his mission, due Professor defect causes the immune system to:
• psychological distress.
• lack of sleep.
• physical exhaustion.
• malnutrition.
• satisfactory Sensitivity the pathogens or other that weaken the immune system and mucous membranes increases the possibility of exposure to infection.

• a healthy lifestyle ... How to achieve?
Longer live in a healthy manner is a fundamental requirement for strengthening the immune system, and is achieved by:
• balanced nutrition of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

• stay away from drinking alcohol and smoking.

• stay away from junk food, because the preservatives in fast food are the toxins damage cells, especially those which are divided much immune Cells.

• exercise, help the sport is to stimulate blood flow and metabolic process.

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• reduce stress, Calm important for our immune system that works constantly.

• uninterrupted sleep at night for a period of not less than eight hours, immune The equipment needs to recuperate so that the cells can restore its activity, and this is only during


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