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These are some tips from experts that global help with weight loss and hide the rumen. To suffer from health problems must consult a doctor.

1) continued the exercise and abdominal exercises and walking are the best ways to treat the rumen

2) Beware that begins journey to get rid of the rumen, depending on the accursed only without even sports to not affected Slouch skin and muscle weakness

3) Avoid sitting and eating in front of the TV for long periods, it forces you to eat large amounts of food subconsciously

4) Replaced cars and ride the elevator to walk on foot and climbing stairs

5) Be sure to eat fresh vegetables such as parsley, radishes, celery, cucumbers, lettuce and tomato give you sense of satiety and prevents you constipation

6) Be sure to eat low-calorie fruit such as grapefruit, melons, apples, Beware of grapes, figs and dates

motivation to lose weight
7) Stay away from eating pulp and nuts, nuts and soda water and chocolate

8) Beware of fried or fried foods and eating boiled or grilled ratio less fat to a minimum

9) Beware intake of fat and fatty meats such as the brain, kebabs and meat and liver and preferably small eating beef

10) Replaced sugar food alternatives to sugar in pharmacies like Suet Diet and saccharin

11) Stay away from banquets and concerts

12) yoghurt and leaven of good foods in the accursed sure to be addressed to maintain the freshness of your face and your eyes glitter

13) of the elements of success in the treatment of rumen group therapy and compete with your home and your friends

14) sauna baths and massage are useless in treating the rumen may even lead to many health problems

15) Belly Ring and thinness soap myth does not benefit them in the process of abdominal LOSS

16) Do not take any herb slimming only after knowing the composition and dose and its effects should preferably be under medical supervision

 motivation to lose weight

17) slimming drugs have side effects not addressed except under the supervision of a physician

18) Beware of the use of slimming hormones only after laboratory tests and doctor decides otherwise

19) acupuncture and throat medical assistant factors in the process of slimming and treatment of the rumen and can not rely solely on them in the process of slimming

20) Make sure the descent of the rumen gradually and avoid rapid descent, it could lead to many complications ..

Exercise on fast

Jumping rope to burn fat
To jump rope certain specifications and standards must be followed to get the best result and to avoid any injuries

Combine your legs and feet

Bend your knees and elbows slightly

Hold the rope

Skip single jump with each session of the rope

Skip and slowly rising from the ground by more than 5 centimeters

motivation to lose weight
If committed to these instructions, as well as aerobic exercise within 3 weeks, you will notice positive changes in your body and also in morale


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