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This diet was for a person weighing 117 kg, is suffering from obesity and can not exercise because of a herniated disc in the spine, and had advised him to coach fitness work diet of liquids and already in a period of very simple decreased weight 31 kg and became weighed 86 only! !

Saturday: Breakfast: Orange juice, food: soup "of any kind", Dinner: Orange juice and tomato Rob
Sunday: Breakfast: lemon juice and the rest, such as Saturday
Monday: Breakfast: grapefruit juice and the rest, such as Sunday
Tuesday: Breakfast: Apple juice, Lunch: soup (any kind) with a small piece of chicken breast, dinner orange juice and tomato Rob
Wednesday: Breakfast: Orange juice, lunch: soup (any kind), dinner: orange juice and tomato Rob
Thursday: Breakfast: lemon juice, lunch: soup (any kind), dinner: orange juice and tomato Rob
Friday: Breakfast: grapefruit juice, lunch: soup (any kind) piece grilled thickness, Dinner: orange juice and tomato Rob

 easiest way to lose weight

1 This program must be applied to 100% for a month!!!
2 It is important to drink a large quantity of water
3 If you feel hungry at any time (of course) drink orange juice
4 the first week in the case of the correct application have come down from 5 kg to 7 kg.
5 of has done this experiment, did not occur to him any serious symptoms only some headaches!!
6 Important Note: The work of this accursed he weighed 117 (means health good), there is no awkward landing from 31 kg in a month .... Please beware!!!

At the end: specialists nutrition warned of diet orange juice and soup because it is wrong thousand percent because the body needs protein, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals, water would cause lack of important nutrients and disease such as anemia, weakened immune systems and pains joints and even a general weakness in all organs of the body!! !!!!! right is the balance and diversity in food and exercise half an hour a day and the loss of 3 kg to 4 kg only in the month, either male is degradation and slow suicide of man and conscious of others!!!! (Keep in mind the two views)

 easiest way to lose weight

Slimming proper system:
Breakfast: milk and orange juice with him
If you feel hungry, eat fruit
Lunch: barbecued spare released in any manner or grilled thick
Age: eat fruit
Morocco: drink green tea
Dinner: the same food
Bedrooms: (one of the most important things) at 12.1 Waking: 8-9
This system through which lose between 3-5 kg ​​of fat per month with sports
Best type of slimming is slowly type
Stay away from coffee, sugar, and drink more green tea because it is useful and helps burn calories
Course foreclosed juice and any drink which sugars or fats


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