Daily diet program to lose weight for a month

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This method should be used with people who are at least weighing 100 kilograms as well as the length not exceeding 170 cm. With a commitment to walk an hour a day and then stop the accursed while continuing to exercise, especially walking, and the preservation of food balanced with calories moderate.

First, you should weigh yourself when start Dieting the mid-term as well as in any 15-day as well as after a month you'll find that your weight has dropped from 27 to 30 kg. But be careful to follow the instructions carefully .
Daily breakfast always:
- Half a grapefruit in the case of non-provided replaces Orange
- Eggs Poached
- Tea and coffee can be taken up at any time, but without sugar or milk.
The first week


The first day
- One variety of fruits and Bay quantity (cantaloupe orange, apple, pear, strawberry, peach)
- Roast beef (minced)
- Salad (cucumber, lettuce, Tomatoes, green pepper) unlimited quantities and eat until full.
The second day
- Boiled or grilled chicken without skin.
- Tomatoes, grapefruit pill - eggs Poached
- Toast, grapefruit pill
Third Day
- Fat-free cheese
- Toast, Tomatoes - the roast beef fat-free
The fourth day
- One variety of fruits and Bay quantity - roast beef
- Authority
The fifth day
- Eggs Poached
- Boiled vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, beans and any quantity - Fish poached or grilled tuna any quantity or
- Authority
- Grapefruit pill should be well-filtered fish oil.
Sixth Day
- One variety of fruits and Bay quantity - roast beef
- Authority
Seventh Day
- Boiled or grilled chicken without skin.
- Boiled vegetables
- Tomatoes, grapefruit pill - boiled vegetables

1 - This program is repeated every week for a month .2 - not to replace or delete any meal.
3 - When you feel hungry eat any amount of cucumber or lettuce for at least two hours after eating the main meal.
4 - Be careful to follow the instructions carefully.


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