Diet for diabetic

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Diet for diabetic

Diabetes is the inability of cells to use sugar (glucose) in the blood, and be the result of a lack of the hormone insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, or that the body does not produce insulin at all as a result of the defect in the pancreas.

We must control the amount of glucose in blood so that it is for diabetics:
1 - less than 140 mg in the morning before breakfast (viz eight hours of fasting)
2 - less than 180 mg two hours after a meal

healthy diets

How to regulate the level of sugar in the blood?
1 - Cooperation with the doctor and follow his guidance.

2 - Maintaining the proper weight for age and height. It was found that 50% of people with diabetes have an increase in weight.

3 - periodic visit to a specialist / nutritionist to learn about proper diet and followed.

4 - Commitment to sport appropriate to the age and health status.

What is the meaning of the diet?
The intention of the diet is to follow the food plan to choose healthy foods balanced and varied quantities that are addressed and specific times each day.

Should patients with diabetes that their diet contains three main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), in addition to two meals snacks are addressed among the main meals. We must eat meals punctually and recommended quantities to maintain a normal level of sugar in the blood in addition to treatment are not neglected.

What information is important for diabetics?
1 - Know your ideal weight for the body, it is "the simplest ways" are:

Ideal weight = Length Cm the minus (-) 100

Example: If I am 160 centimeters Thus be ideal weight:

160 - 100 = 60 kg

2 - Avoid sweets and sugars (except fruit but not a lot).

3 - Avoid fat, particularly animal fats (butter, obesity, chicken skin, fat, full-fat milk and milk products), and replace them with liquid vegetable oils is frozen (such as: corn oil, sunflower oil, olive oil).

healthy diets

  4 - a lot of fresh vegetables and salads.

5 - eat regular meals and a variety of moderate amounts distributed on every day and night.

6 - minimizing legumes and grains because they contain a high starchy materials working to increase the proportion of sugar in the blood.

7 - eat white meat (such as poultry, fish) instead of red meat (such as beef, sheep, goats and camels).

8 - taking into account the lack of high-sugar or extreme decline and maintain the pace, so as not to cause the appearance of complications for the body, especially in the eye, kidney, and extremities (numbness), and heart disease.

9 - a lot of drinking water to the seriousness of the drought on the body of a diabetic patient.

What is the alternative?

Are classified as food that contain similar nutritional value within one group.
It is possible to choose any item from a single food to the diversity of food without going out for specific nutritional plan.

Food list of alternatives:

healthy diets
The amount of food groups
Forms of food items
Milk 1 cup

½ cup

2 tsp

1 slice
Milk - a little milk or skimmed

A little yogurt or skimmed

Brick - cheese Low-fat

Low-fat cheese

½ cup cooked

1 cup fresh
Percussion - onion - Islands - okra - A tomato - Eggplant - Zucchini - cabbage - cauliflower - green paper and vegetables - potatoes

Lettuce - option - Islands - tomatoes - vegetables and green paper - Green Pepper

1 pill

½ pill

2 tablets

4 pills

10 beads

½ cup

1 cup

Apples - oranges - pear - Pineapple

Banana - Mango

Yusuf Effendi - Kiwi - apricot - peach

Pass - Bukhara - Cherry - Strawberry


Fresh juice without sugar - Pomegranate

(Watermelon) - (Cantaloupe)

Carbohydrates, legumes, and grains
¼ pill

½ pill

1 pill

½ cup

Arabic bread

Bread Rounded

Toast - medium potatoes - Corn Medium

Rice - Pasta - Corn Flakes

Meat, fish, poultry, and eggs
30 grams (the size of two fingers)

½ issued (30 g)

5 beads

1 pill

2 tbsp

¼ cup
Beef or sheep fat-free - Fish - liver

Chicken - other birds

Shrimp (prawns)

Egg - a small can of tuna without oil

Peanut - Pistachio


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