Diet for patients with renal failure

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* Kidney Failure:

- When a malfunction occurs in one of the body's functions must happen organize offset in your life in general system of sports nutrition, and even a change in your daily activities to check the quality of your life even when you are sick in your case.

* Method of food for patients with renal failure:

Overall when you can not perform its functions properly and naturally, man lives on the Industrial College in order to rid the body of toxins that accumulate in the blood and cause illness of the person.
As kidney function normal is to rid the blood of toxins on the 24-hour
machine dialysis do not brush blood as efficient overall natural ( throughout the day), and must therefore reduces human amount of toxins accumulated between the wash and the other is in the diet limited.

- And this diet is divided into two parts:

- Foods that should reduce them.
- Foods that should be selected.

- A list of food items that should be reduced, including:

1 - proteins:

The basic function of proteins to rebuild tissue and muscle, and like any other thing Hulk or damaged in the body resulting in a waste-toxic and comes the role of the college later to get rid of these toxins, and in view of this session infinite must reduce the proportion of proteins to eliminate or reduce the rate of toxins. Bearing in mind that many proteins raise the ratio of accumulated toxins and lead to the deterioration of the disease, and I said it is also counterproductive, including muscle weakness and a sense of weakness and vulnerability.
- Divided Proteins to two groups :

- Group I: beef - fish - chicken - eggs - milk - all dairy products except butter and cream.

- Group B: bread - rice - pasta - potatoes - biscuits - flour - ice cream.

2 - Liquids:

- All types of liquids no matter how different, whereas the water follows the following with him:

1 - allowable amount: 500 millimeters (2 large cup).
2 - excess quantity: lead to high blood pressure and then strain the heart.
3 - Quantity few: lead to lower blood pressure and then feeling dizzy rights.

3 - salt:

The first enemy to patients with renal failure and avoid use interpretation is that it increases the patient severely thirst. So you should not put salt when cooking or eating, and steps to minimize it are as follows:

1 - As previously mentioned avoid putting salt on foods when cooked or on the dining table.
2 - stay away from foods that have a high percentage of sodium:

- All kinds of cheese except cheese is salted.
- Alternatives salts.
- Canned foods, vegetables and soups.
- Salted butter.
- Pickles.
- Mayonnaise.
- Chocolate, chocolate drink.
- Crisps (chips).
- Flour mixture with yeast.
- Cocoa.
- Tuna.
- luncheon meat.
- Sausage.
- All takeaway in shops or restaurants.
- Toffee.
- Nuts.
- Olives.
- All kinds of grain.
- Power of spices and precious stones.
- Bicarbonate of soda.
- Salted margarine (margarine).

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  4 - Potassium:

Potassium is important for feeding the nerves and muscles, including the heart component of the tissue of the nerves and muscles multiplicity of eating represents a significant threat to you even if it did not suffer from an illness and had kidney failure.

* Diet with potassium:

Potassium is available in all types of fruit and vegetables and some of the other dishes.
- Rationing eat vegetables and fruit.

  - Avoid foods that contain high potassium rates:

1 - coffee (enough one cup per day).
2 - beer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
3 - lemon in a large quantity.
4 - apple juice.
5 - Cherry juice

6 - fruit juice (with the exception allowed by your doctor).
7 - dried fruits such as raisins.
8 - treacle.
9 - salt substitutes.
10 - nuts.
11 - Soy its products.
12 - chocolate.
13 - cocoa.
14 - potato chips
15 - Milk center.
√ 16 - all kinds of apostasy.
√ 17 - tomato juice.
18 - cantaloupe.
19 - pears.
20 - mushrooms (mushrooms).
21 - spinach.
22 - avocado.
23 - raisins.
24 - yogurt.

- Note:
√ This mark means that food high in the proportion of salts as well.


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