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Not called nutrition experts to milk the word «drink», but called it «food milk», he is already Food integrated contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as calcium and vitamin « D» and 14 food items other is not important for building bones only; but it is necessary for the health rights in general.

Some believe that milk intake is associated only stages of childhood and growth and human needs, as long as that growth has stopped at the stage of puberty, but the truth is that milk food is ideal for all ages of both sexes.


* Milk intake is associated a lot of concepts and common mistakes:

* Milk cause 'acne': There is a common belief that certain types of foods may cause an outbreak of acne (Acne) such as milk, chocolate, fried potatoes, nuts, shellfish and marine crustaceans. Although some studies have pointed to the relationship between milk intake and acne, as the milk may contain certain hormones and bacteria that contribute to the emergence of the disease, the majority of studies did not confirm the existence of such a relationship, but emphasized the relationship with the occurrence of disease and evolution of other factors such as genetics and changes hormonal and skin type, skin and environmental pollutants.

* Milk cause early puberty for girls: Recent statistics show that girls do reach puberty at an early age compared to puberty 30 years ago. The researchers emphasize there is no obvious reason for this phenomenon, but one of the assumptions was referring to the high rates of obesity and overweight among children as an important factor in the occurrence of puberty at an early age.

The point fingers sometimes to milk and milk products in the incidence of early puberty, to contain milk on bovine growth hormone (Bovine GH) and the resort of some producers to the use of bovine growth hormone synthetic (rBGH) to increase milk production; reports confirm the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that more than 90% of the growth hormone existing milk is destroyed during pasteurization, and turn the remaining small quantities of it to non-effective materials during the digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract of a human being. The studies also confirmed that the hormones used to increase milk generation allocated for cattle and animals do not affect the human body.
It is worth mentioning that Statistics confirmed that today's girls drank less milk compared her mothers , and therefore is not obvious that the milk or milk products be one of the causes of early puberty.
The studies also confirmed that children who eat larger quantities of milk down to have a body mass measurements of BMI and are less susceptible to weight gain and obesity compared to their peers who eat less amounts of milk.
Obesity and renal calculi

* Milk cause weight gain and obesity: For agility required; resort some to quit full from eating milk and dairy products, and the fact that several scientific studies have emphasized the importance of eating milk and dairy products for slimming and lose excess weight and maintain the stability of weight, researchers stressed that eating milk with little or empty fat contributes to reducing the amount of food covered by the individual as a large-scale food filling of the stomach, and is responsible for the rapid saturation and curb the appetite to eat more food.

  As studies have confirmed that eating a cup of skim milk before a meal reduces the amount consumed from food by 150 calories, so it emphasizes nutrition experts the possibility of eating varieties of milk varied during dieting to lose weight according to the percentage of fat that needs it the individual according to medical advice, taking into account that all types of milk contain the same amount of calcium regardless of the fat content.
* Milk causes the stones renal: Unlike common belief that milk intake increases the risk of the stones renal; confirmed some of the studies the possibility of eating milk substitute for apple juice without increasing the risk of injury Calculi renal, as confirmed by other studies that people who rely on a diet rich in calcium (1300 mg per day) than their risk incidence of renal Calculi by 34% compared to others who rely on a diet contains half the amount of calcium (about 500 mg of calcium per day).

And emphasizes nutrition experts that calcium intake from food sources does not increase the risk of the stones renal Unlike dietary supplements containing calcium associated with an increased risk of Calculi
renal, and therefore advised individuals who take calcium supplements in addition to a diet rich in calcium need to make sure not to eat the maximum amount of calcium per day, and adopted by the Institute of Medicine of the National (2500 mg) for individuals between 19 - 50 years (2000 mg) of calcium per day for individuals over the age of fifty.

Organic milk

* Organic milk more useful than regular milk: According to the specifications of the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA), described milk as organic origin if the source of milk cattle raised on food organic in pastures or natural pastures used fertilizers, fertilizers and organic pesticides, with the need for large areas and exposure to the sun frequently , and do not address the cattle hormone supplements, and not to give it some varieties of medicines in case of illness. So Experts stress that the word organic milk organic milk does not mean superiority of milk in food terms, it means the method and requirements for which raised cattle for milk.

Organic milk

* Skim milk is whole milk plus water: skim milk is obtained by removing fat (lipid) of milk in ways that chemical or physical, is not the addition of water or the removal of food items found milk during processing, so it has a cup of skim milk on less than half a gram of fat but contains similar amounts of calcium, phosphorus, protein, potassium and essential nutrients other in whole milk, due to the lack of skim milk to vitamins soluble in fat, are reinforced with some vitamins such as vitamin « A »and vitamin D ».

* Soy milk has the same nutritional value of milk beef: soy milk less contain minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin « D» compared to milk cow, When contain One piece
of soy milk at 10 mg only calcium, containing one piece per milk cow in a manner 300 mg of calcium, so manufacturers have resorted to soy milk strengthening calcium.

As studies have confirmed that the body absorbs calcium in soy milk by less 25% compared to milk cow, so it emphasizes nutrition experts on the possibility of introducing soy milk into a healthy diet, but taking into account not be considered a substitute for milk livestock such as beef, buffalo and goat milk.

* Raw milk is better than pasteurized: Some believe that raw milk loses Feeders important during the pasteurization process, and the fact that pasteurization of milk does not reduce the nutritional value him, but contributed mainly to provide milk safe for over 100 years, unlike raw milk that does not is heated to degrees studied in a scientific manner as occurs during pasteurization, so it contains large amounts of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, and any E. coli, which represent a health hazard to humans, especially children and pregnant women, the elderly and people who suffer from weak immune systems.

nutrition websites

  So it is advisable nutrition experts need to make sure the food label data and make sure that milk has Pasteurization it This is clearly written on the package, must also make sure that dairy products such as cheese, ice cream and yogurt made from pasteurized milk.

Not to accept milk

* People who suffer from lactose intolerance do not have to eat milk or milk products: injury not bear lactose (the natural sugar found in milk) does not mean avoiding all types of milk and milk products, but can the injured person not to lactose intolerance eat cheese and solid yogurt containing live bacteria and special types of lactose-free milk, as can the vast majority of people with non-lactose intolerance eat small amounts of milk throughout the day without suffering.

* Milk allergy common occurrence: milk allergy is rare affects about 3% of children, and about 1% of adults, and the vast majority of children get rid of milk allergy during the first three years of age, nor can many distinguish between milk allergy and intolerance to lactose .

And milk allergy cause a rash and gas and swelling with difficulty in breathing, abdominal cramps, while the cause lactose sensitivity in a less severe symptoms of milk allergy symptoms, so experts recommend follow-up doctor specializing sensitivity to distinguish between lactose and milk allergy.

* Can get calcium and other nutrients without eating milk and milk products: milk and milk products one of the main sources rich in calcium and other nutrients, of course, can get calcium by eating a glass of orange juice or soy milk fortified with calcium, but you must first make sure it is supported by the amount of calcium sufficient for the body .

You can also get calcium from some vegetables such as broccoli or grains such as bread made from whole wheat, but to get the same amount of calcium
Existing in a cup of milk (250 mg) should eat four cups of broccoli or about 12 a slice of bread made from wheat full, Calcium found in vegetables and grains is not as easily absorbed by the absorption of calcium found in milk.


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