Tips for patients with high blood pressure

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 Tips for patients with high blood pressure:

1. Weight reduction, especially if the patient is obese, and studies indicate that the patient has 10% of its weight enough to download pressure about 10 mm Hg or re-value of blood pressure in some cases natural Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to treatment.

2. Reducing salt in food or determined by the situation he is the arch-enemy of patient pressure.
3.. Eat a lot of vegetables instead of sweets, fruits Recent studies have shown that vegetarians lower their blood pressure by about 10 - 15 mm Hg for meat eaters.
4. Refrain from eating chocolate, potatoes, ice cream, soft drinks and licorice because they help raise food and reduce pressure from animal fats, fatty Food make individual tends to frequent gorging on food.
5 quit smoking.
6. Reduce drinking coffee took a 2 - 3 cups a day does not hurt, but if it increased More incidence of heart attacks at a rate of 3 times a multiplicity of coffee increases the tension, nervousness, increased heart rate and the possibility of high cholesterol in the blood.
7. Blood pressure should be monitored constantly at the doctor.
8. Daily practice of sports activity and least brisk walk for half an hour a day where she works aerobics blood upon receipt of the blood vessels that permeate muscle Reduced the blood pressure and improved activity and muscle strength

  Plants and foods according to patient pressure
1. Eating cucumber without peeling carrots and lettuce between meals if the patient feels hungry.
2. Eating garlic and onions where an impact is certain to lower blood pressure light and medium Garlic works to increase the ability of cells to the demolition and analysis of fat and move inventory liver and adipose tissue into the bloodstream where it is burned to get rid of excess them and try eating a clove into two lobes of garlic the morning on an empty stomach.
3. Eating apples at a rate of 3 apples a day.
4. Eating green gram and green beans.
5. Drinking hibiscus and no more than two cups a day.
Advised to suffer from stress eating foods rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and fiber because the lack of it contributes to high blood pressure

Eating system used for high blood pressure patients
Breakfast (8)
- A piece of toast or bread 30 g + cup skim milk 200 ml.
- Hard-boiled egg or a tablespoon Beans
- After breakfast at about 3 hours can be a cup of fresh fruit juice.
Lunch time (2 - 3)
- A slice of white meat 60 - 100 g (or chicken ... preferably boiled or grilled).
- Vegetables boiled without salt, a cup of skim milk
- Toast bread or  A quarter of bread or 4spoons of boiled rice without oil.
- After lunch at about 3 hours (5-6) can eat option + pill or eating apples medium-sized banana.
Dinner time (8-9)
- A quarter of a loaf of bread tablespoon of jam + cucumber or tomato pill
- A cup of skim milk

healthy meal plans 


- This program provides approximately 1000 - 1200 calories a day.
- Can eat between meals, tea without sugar
- Prefers not to put salt cooking or downgrade the lowest possible degree as well as with pickles.
- Stay away as much as possible about eating Arabic sweets and chocolate rich in fat.
- Prefer to practice any kind of sport (such as walking fast) in the morning or before sunset and half an hour a day at least.


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