Mistakes are common in pregnancy

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- It is certain that the child takes the mother needed food ingredients, but not in quantities adversely affect the health of their teeth as some believe. So nothing to do with pregnancy tooth decay or weakness, but this may have an effect on periodontal only weakness.

- Some information suggests that there may be no correlation between certain types of hair dye and cancer tumors in children such as Tumors and eye. So it is best to avoid the dye during the first trimester.

- Of my favorite sports swimming during pregnancy as well as fast walk, bike fixed, yoga and other exercise. Pregnancy appropriate period to start the exercise in the women's case has not exercised it before, because sport provides appropriate carrier physically fit help to ease some of the complications resulting from the increased weight, skip the physical and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy.

May prevent the carrier from exercise in exceptional cases as the existence of divorced early, low salvation, bleeding pregnant ... .

  - No problem to wear tight clothes pregnant.

- As for the status of pregnant do not sleep wrap unrelated umbilical cord to the fetus but it is better that a pregnant sleep on the left side, especially in the last chapter of pregnancy because uterus is heading to Yemen hand during this phase.

- Nothing to do with the form of abdominal specify the gender of the baby.

- Nothing to do with disarmament body hair in pregnancy emergence Alvarez whether it's by sugar or something.

- Pregnant need to increase 300 calorie only on the daily diet, so it does not need, as some believe, to eat two meals.

- Pregnant shower is essential during pregnancy and after birth. But we must avoid hot water for they affect a child's cells, especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

- Some believe that the body fat the Bat-blooded female born prevents the appearance of hair. Logically bat blood may be a negative impact rather than a positive.

- There are no restrictions on sexual intercourse during pregnancy, especially if the pregnancy was normal without problems encountered

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 - Not any kind of influence on the cuisine of pregnancy, you must balance in a healthy eating healthy and nutritious.

- Not for the high-heeled shoes effect on pregnancy but avoided only be to relieve back pain and the risk of slipping.

- Must stay away from cats in case you are not pregnant immune to the germ-borne Toxoplasmosis cats.


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