Nutrition for Diabetics

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The objective of proper nutrition for a diabetic supply
 the body with nutrients necessary, provided that the appropriate weight and lack of complications of the disease, and avoid acidity of the blood.

Diabetes and diseases that the patient may find it difficult to control due to lack of proper patient adherence to nutrition because it is a chronic disease and must adapt to it and proper nutrition can control the disease and there is no need for any medication.

One of the common diseases, especially the modern era and it is more disease-based organization of food as firm and the only treatment for this disease, there are factors working to raise the incidence of diabetes such as obesity and constant exposure to the psychological tensions and pressures.

It must provide meals and foods are acceptable for what it offers similar to other family members.

And confirms recent trends of nutrition on the importance of increasing carbohydrates and reduce the proportion of fat, taking into account to minimize as much as possible of starches clean such as sugar, white flour and increasing carbohydrates containing fiber, such as live municipal and beans is peeled carrots, lettuce, sugar Red "sugar is refined."

It must contain fiber food such as vegetables that reduce the digestion of carbohydrates such as spinach, lettuce and cabbage.

And found that the cabbage, onion, yeast, beer , and green beans have an impact on reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood and the paper mulberry lead to lower blood sugar.

And attention to the sport, especially walking of useful things in the treatment of disease and must lose weight to overweight and gradually be an average of half a kilogram per week and measuring blood sugar.

There needs food for diabetics, namely: -


Energy is very important for a diabetic can cure many cases organized food as control the amount of power and access to natural weight For those hyperbolic weight must be to follow a diet low in calories until they reach the appropriate weight and diabetic who Bergb to lose weight it to get on 20 calories per kilogram of body weight is desirable in the case of sleep it needs to be 25 kcal / kg of body weight is desirable in the case of the hard work it takes 40 kcal / kg of body weight is desirable but if the patient works pursuant light it takes 30 kcal / kg of body weight is desirable and must be receiving a 100 grams of carbohydrates a day.


It has been shown that eating carbohydrates do not raise blood sugar levels, but increase the amount of energy is the main cause for the rise and a carbohydrate is between 50 - 60% of the total energy and allowed for a diabetic of 2 - 3 tablespoons sugar daily mini, and that his food Ne or boiled and increase the amount of salad and vegetables, fiber and grain.


Provided that they make up less than 30% of total daily energy.


At least 12% but not more than 20% of the daily energy

Children: Protein than 1-2.1 g of protein per kilogram per day.

Young people: a protein of 1.6 - 2.2 g protein per gram per day.

Seniors: Protein from 0.57 - 1.11 g protein per kilogram per day.

In the case of excess weight: the amount of energy in eating between 1000 - 1600 calories a day, or 20 kcal / kg of weight.

In the case of normal weight is the amount of energy between 1400 - 1800 calories a day, or 30 calories a kilogram of weight in Cases little weight thinness be the amount of energy between 1800-3000 calories per day, or 40 calories kilogram of weight.


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