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Is the lack of iron in the red blood cells, and if this shortfall reached 10% of the normal amount, the patient can call it poor and in need of blood for treatment.
Iron functions:

§ enters in the composition of hemoglobin which is hemoglobin (blood protein) is a broker and carrier that holds the body essential nutrients as well as oxygen and minerals and other materials used in the installation and functioning of cells and transfer genetic traits.
§ is necessary for the vital factors body {"
Impersonation to food / O / chemical reactions"}
§ contributes to maintaining the body's tissues and strengthens the immune system and raises the body's ability to resist disease.
§ blood is the main factor that keeps the health skin and poetry like a tree feeds from home and abroad.
§ menstrual age women more susceptible to anemia.
§ pregnant more than 50% need to increase the need for the fetus and placenta.
1. Anemia caused by bleeding.
2. Anemia caused by a lack of production of red blood cells within the body.
3. Anemia caused by red blood cells break for not absorbed.

Reasons (anemia):
1. Rapid growth during childhood and adolescence.
2. The food does not contain body needs iron.
3. Lack of iron absorption from the gastrointestinal tract which makes body to Benefit of the iron with food.
4. Increase the body's need for iron in cases of hemorrhage strong and pregnancy and childbirth and the needs of women in the age of menopause.
§ may be individually may be combined together in that one.
1. The first symptoms of anemia, fatigue, fatigue and paleness of the body.
2. Other symptoms of increased heart palpitations and difficulty in breathing, feeling light-headed.
3. Constant drowsiness, headache and lack of concentration.
4. Feeling Fatigue when walking.
5. Pale fingers and lower eyelids to the eye.
6. Fragility  nail.
7. Fainting and tinnitus.
8. Loss of appetite, dyspepsia and nausea.
9. Menstrual disorder in women.
Treatment and prevention:
§ The commitment varied healthy diet and exercise regularly and commitment to take medications and follow-up with a doctor with the follow-up examination of hemoglobin in the blood is the prevention of anemia
§ Sun: give immunity and vitality so little exposure to the sun, because the bone marrow is renewed, the factory center of hemoglobin.
§ Air: increase the proportion of oxygen in the blood and thus less health breathing the problems refreshes the lungs and provide them with the necessary oxygen and thus increases the vitality of the blood.
§ Sports: purify the blood and muscle of different toxins and harmful to the body and blood are, purification and Cleaned
of, especially with the drinking water in reasonable quantity during sports and Exercise the clean air.
Preventive guidance and food:
§ for the production of red blood cells the body needs
Iron and vitamin "B-12" and folic acid, zinc and copper.
§ At least the body's absorption of iron when there is alkaline materials such as tannic acid in the tea and coffee.
§ diverse eating healthy food (quality and not quantity).
§ to increase intestinal absorption of iron from well multiply foods that contain an abundant amount of vitamin "C" >>>>> "C", such as: {(green peppers. Oranges. Grapefruit. Tomatoes. Potatoes. Strawberries,
Grapes, kiwi)}
More food that turns color to black when peeled or cooked is contain an ample amount of iron such as "liver,

Bananas, eggplant, potato, hibiscus (Gypsies), berries, apples, pomegranates, dates, pears, buckthorn, mushrooms, bean "
More nutrients that their ruby ​​red color or black are carrying an ample amount of iron such as {"beets, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, dates,
Raisins, watermelon, figs, peaches, grapes
, Olives, molasses, honey "}
Of yellow fruits that contain iron "orange, mango, peach, apricot, pumpkin, jujube"
And dark green leafy vegetables, "like ( mallow, spinach / wire and turnips, watercress, lettuce, celery, artichokes, balls, coriander, dill, mint ....... etc.)"
It is white in color food products containing iron {"brown bread, oats, birds, marine organisms of all kinds, eggs, cream, milk, chickpeas, almonds, sesame seeds, white beans, fenugreek"}
In the modern and alternative medicine prevents taking dairy products with iron such as cheese Authority.
And well as to Taken the iron tablets with calcium tablets ("Because calcium is so strong that encases the iron is not utilized the body and not be absorbed by the intestine").

For many types of food supplements, including:
1. Individual.
2. Them as part of the composition of multi-vitamins and minerals.
Iron gluconate this exists on body lotion sold at food stores, a complementary best lotions absorption.
Contains a lot of oxygen is also a potent antioxidant and treatment of anemia
It is a green powder of vegetable extract which is rich in iron and some important vitamins and there it lotion in the supplementary food stores and is used to treat anemia.
Ginseng Brazilian, a root of the plant Ginseng, which already talking about it, which contains material Soap materials
tonic good Useful in cases of anemia and there it several products in stores supplementary food in all pharmacies where it syrup and capsules and tablets and The same roots as they are. The Chinese say that the spirit of Ginseng life They see the cure for all diseases.
Folic acid Folic acid
It is a complementary product prevents anemia and strengthens appetite. Also lowers cholesterol and pregnant women must be addressed in the first months of pregnancy.
Integrated combination of iron: Iron Complete this combination helps in the production of hemoglobin and red cell extends Oxygen.
It is available in Shops Supplementary food.

Iron deficiency anemia respond quickly to nutritional supplements to restore the missing iron stores, and in severe cases Apr iron is given to the patient, and in cases of severe bleeding, the blood is transferred to the patient.
The use of iron supplements only under the supervision of a competent health care.


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