Best meals before and after exercise and the best time to be addressed

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In this issue we will be talking about the best meals before and after exercise to increase the growth of muscles.

What is the best meal before exercise?

In order to be your ideal meal you eat the amount of protein and the amount of Carbohydrate and vegetables

Carbohydrate and Example (potatoes, rice, pasta) will be stored in muscle The form of glycogen, which will give you energy during exercise, either protein and an example of it (a piece of red meat, chicken breast)
It is indispensable and without no muscle protein is the main component of muscles and vegetables will provide your body the amount of fiber and vitamins that too many benefits.
The difference between the amount of protein and fat in your meal carp is one of the most important things that must be taken into account and are based on the goal of the exercise,
For example, if you are in a period of magnitude you should increase the amount of fat in your meal carp either in Blotting period you reduce the fat and increase the amount of protein.
Examples of meals that can be eaten before exercise is
Oatmeal with milk and green salad and two banana or apples.

When we eat before exercise?

You must eat before exercise, at least two hours
The reason for this is because the body through the digestive process requires pumping blood to the stomach
Exercise requires pumping blood to the muscle if that rehearse immediately after eating is not useful
The second reason that after two hours the body begins to absorb material and distributed throughout the body
You will not benefit from the diet addressed by if Train after eating directly
What to eat after exercise?

Best thing that can be taken immediately after exercise something contains a high amount of protein
And be easy to digest and quickly absorbed by your body and the right thing now is protein because it is excellent in all standards,
Some players consider bodybuilding meal after the exercise of the most important meals because your body after exercise need to food it will woks absorption of protein and carbohydrates faster than normal

What stuff that must considerateness in protein?

There are several things that must be taken into account in the protein which is

1 - that contains a good amount of protein
2 - be a good taste
3 - be easy to digest
4 - Do not cause problems in digestion or stomach
5 - very soluble in water and milk

There are types of protein make you feel full for a long time and it is best not to use this type
You because it would be difficult to eat a meal after exercise

The most important part is now a meal after exercise

Far the most important meal of the supplement is that you can not do without them
Meal after exercise should contain protein, carbohydrates and vitamins
Protein (red meat, chicken breast, fish, can of tuna)
Carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, massacres)
Vitamins (vegetables and fruits)

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When should I eat after exercise?

You must wait 20-30 minutes after exercise to eat, because the body will pump blood to the muscles
As mentioned digestion needs to pump blood into the stomach must give the body time to rest


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