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Who among us does not follow a diet to lose weight more than once, and work for a temporary period to lose a little or a lot of weight, and quickly back this weight or more again, then the problem is not in the Diet a few kilograms, but the problem lies in how to keep weight stability after the end of the accursed, access to the summit difficult, but the most difficult is to keep on top.

There is no doubt that we are all looking for agility and perfect weight, especially ladies, but must be well aware of and look closely in the selection of the accursed course, not all diet benefit the other is not correct to apply the diets fast without considering the risks and complications, do we think that some of the complications, such as anemia, immune dysfunction, hair loss, dry skin, dark circles, depression and boredom of weight back again affects human knot to follow the diet again, but a node from the mere mention of the word diet, and the fact we did not follow the accursed optimized appropriate for us.

Word diet means the organization eating, not deprivation, so spread the phenomenon of "obsession accursed," We are all looking for the latest diet, another diet, diet fast, diet decreased 10 kg in a week, but beware Is this healthy or not .. all research has shown that the accursed balanced "Diet food pyramid" is the most successful and stable because it is based on the needs of the body and lack of deprivation and taking into account the psychological and behavioral conditions for each individual, and to make our motto Lose weight .. Is your life .. Earn your health.

How to maintain a healthy body

The food pyramid is the first step that massaged and instructs you to what you eating every day.

The food pyramid consists of 6 groups, namely:

Fats, oils and sweets (used in moderation and in small quantities) represents the top of the pyramid small fats, oils and sweets. This group includes oils, butter and cream, margarine and sugars and sweets also includes some types of high-fat condiments such as mayonnaise

Milk, yogurt and cheese (2-3 servings per day) Read on and you will know what is the quota

Range meat and poultry, fish, dried beans, eggs (2-3 servings per day) the previous two groups come in most of them from animal sources, an important source of protein, calcium, iron and zinc

Vegetables (3-5 servings a day) This collection contains plant foods. Most people need to eat more of this group to provide vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Bread, cereal, rice and pasta (6-11 share a day) foods in the base of the food pyramid is made up mostly of grain. This group provide fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

How to maintain a healthy body

We mentioned the word share more than once, what do you mean share?

You will remember what a share is calculated in each of the six food groups.

1 - Set the bread, cereal, rice and pasta:
1 slice of bread (1/8 of the size of the Great Arab bread) or (1/4 of the small size of Arabic bread)
1/2 hamburger sandwich
1 ounce of ready-to-eat cereal
1/2 cup of cereal, rice or pasta cooked
Can be regarded as any of the previous items share one, ie, that the 1/8 loaf of Arabic bread is a large share of one, half a cup of cooked rice is one serving, too. And thus provides us with the possibility of food pyramid through diversification alternatives within each group.

2 - Set vegetables:
Cup of green leafy vegetables
1/2 cup of other kinds of cooked or raw vegetables
Again cup green leafy vegetables is one serving, and 1/2 cup of other kinds of vegetables is one serving.

3 - fruit set:
Medium apple, banana or orange
3/4 cup of fruit juice
4 - Set milk, yogurt and Gin:
One cup of milk or yogurt
1/2 ounces of natural cheese
2 ounces of cheese Industrial
4 - Set meat, dried beans, eggs and nuts:
2-3 ounces of meat or fat free of bird meat or fish
1/2 cup of cooked dried peas
One egg
2 teaspoon of peanut butter

I've noticed that the food groups in the food pyramid does not contain a specific number of shares but contain lower and upper limit of food rations, note:
Set bread 6-11 servings
Group of vegetables 3-5 servings
Fruit set 2-4 servings
Milk Group 2 - 3 servings
2-3 servings meat group
This means that the food pyramid can be hired to accommodate the different categories in terms of age "children or adults or the elderly," sex "Male or female," or the quality of work "simple or hard," or physiologically "teenager or adult or holder."

To facilitate the topic - which is easy to nature - we can put three power levels based on a minimum of food rations and the upper limit and reduce average between them, and I will put next to each level of energy categories that suit this level as I will put the number of servings appropriate to achieve the level of appropriate power:

1-1600 kcal

It is suitable for women who can not work, nor Ikmn the major activities in the home, as appropriate for the elderly.
Set bread 6 servings
Group 3 servings vegetables
Fruit set 2 share
Group 2-3 * milk quotas
Group meat 5 ounces
Total fat (g) 53 g
The total added sugar 6 small tea spoons

2 - 2,200 kcal

It is suitable for many children, adolescent girls and women. For pregnant women or nursing mothers may need more.
Set bread 9 servings
Group 4 servings vegetables
3 servings fruit set
Group 2-3 * milk quotas
Group meat 6 ounces
Total fat (g) 73 g
The total added sugar 12 teaspoons small

3-2800 kcal
It is suitable for teenagers and Sons many working men and some women work requires very active.
A 11 share bread
Group 5 vegetable servings
Fruit set 4 servings
Group 2-3 * milk quotas
Group meat 7 ounces
Total fat (g) 93 g
The total sum of added sugar 18 teaspoons a small
* Pregnant or nursing women or teens and adults up to the age of 24 years need to three servings of milk group

But what to do if you want to must decrease my weight or increase weight?

The best and easiest way to lose weight is to exercise some physical activities and reduce and minimize the use of oils, fats and sweets in the food and meals. But make sure you will not exceed the minimum daily quotas of food groups.
And if you want to increase your weight, what you need to do is increase the daily quota assigned to you.


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