Food program for diabetics

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Diabetes is one of an imbalance of representation genetic diseases where there is total or partial failure in the functions of insulin or decrease the ability of the pancreas to secrete adequate amounts of the hormone insulin with a note affected metabolize fats and proteins.
Symptoms associated with him:

- Increased blood glucose - the presence of sugar in the urine - increase the number of times urination ...

Boils down to the treatment of diabetes in the following:
1. Get the perfect feed.
2. Achieve the appropriate weight.
3 - to maintain a minimum level of glucose in the urine.
4 - avoid the acidity of the blood as a result of the accumulation of objects .

Diet program for people with diabetes:
First: Breakfast

    Brown bread loaf rate is small (100 grams).
    Love eggs, cheese is salted and without fat, an average of 50 grams.
    Problem with salad of lettuce and propagation parsley
    Cup natural juice 200 ml (apples melon Or
oranges Or Guava , without adding sugar ....).

Ten o'clock:
Two pieces unsweetened biscuits + red cup of tea without sugar.

Second lunch:

    Brown bread loaf rate is small (100 grams).
    Pasta or white rice at a rate of 4 tablespoons.
    Problem or vegetables Okra or zucchini, green beans, to be boiled.
    Chicken pieces skinned (preferably be from the chest rate of 100-200 grams) and preferably be boiled, or a piece of meat free of fat and boiled well at a rate of 100-150 grams, or a piece thickness of 200 grams of non-fish rich in fat on non-be fried in oil, either fried or boiled. 

 easiest way to lose weight

    Vegetable soup.
    Problem with salad of lettuce and propagation parsley
    Love apple or orange medium-sized enterprises.

Thirdly dinner:

    Any type of legumes (such as beans or beans or lentils or beans and preferably be boiled at a rate (4 tablespoons of any variety).
    Brown bread loaf rate is small (100 grams).
    Love for the medium-sized fruit.
    Problem with salad of lettuce and propagation parsley
    Cup of coffee or tea without sugar or red with the use of artificial sweeteners.
    Cup low-fat milk before bedtime.

Avoid the following foods:

    Carbonated beverages in general, though must Sorbet Diet.
    Sausage (sausage) being very rich in fat, fatty meats, and members of the animal (such as the kidneys, tongue, brain).
    Precision imported being very rich in fat.
    White bread rich in starch and fat or oils (such as ,white bread, girl saucer, written,     applied, baked .... etc).
    Egg yolk, ghee, butter, margarine, cream, whole milk, mayonnaise ...... etc..
    Cakes and pastries, especially stuffed with cheese and eggs yolks.
    Canned meat and fatty and fried them in particular.
    Desserts such as cakes
, honey, jam, ice cream ... Etc..
     candied fruit.
    Butter, cream and ice cream.
    Juices and beverages industrial and concentrated juices.

 easiest way to lose weight

    Canned fruits and powder. Thereof
    Nuts and raisins.

Hints and tips:

    Recommend that you always healthy workout facility, let alone for patients with diabetes, or obesity, since the sport is one of the factors very important to control blood sugar, especially for individuals with obesity, and it advised to exercise sport after 3 hours of meals, knowing that the decrease Weight is also important to control diabetes significantly, and emphasize the need to consult a doctor on follow-up condition, consult a dietician in order to achieve a healthy and safe place, God willing.
    Eat white meat (fish and chicken), at rates more than red meat to be free of fat and the following amounts (a quarter chicken, preferably of the chest, or a piece of fish are small and the rate of 3 days per week, or a piece of meat-free fat young, and should preferably be boiled, and low-salt).
    Reduce eating animal Members of the Interior and cholesterol-rich (such as tongue, liver, brain, kidneys, heart, etc.) and rich in fat cheeses.
    Eating fresh fruit instead of canned and medium rate per day or a glass of fresh juice.
    Eating vegetables rich in dietary fiber abundance
    Prefers to use fresh lime sour instead of salt to give flavor and taste appropriate for affordable food.
    Possible eating salad - the well-known popular meal - to be free of oils or accuracy of the importer or fried eggs.
    Can eating written by - popular meal known - to be of brown bread and low-fat and small amounts with no use of honey within the components
    A lot of drinking fluids, including natural and most importantly water.
    Care for dining at certain fixed times with a note not to neglect or leave any meal of meals
    To maintain the cleanliness of the foot and dried completely after each light and after a shower as well, using a soft towel.
    Not to wear socks made of silk or synthetic fibers and replace them with a light cotton socks.
    Non-use of tight shoes, preferably broad-made and made of wet skin.
    Vegetable oils are used instead of margarine animal (such as olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, but the simple dosage)
    Note that the commitment to a diet and attention to proper food system alternatives available, within the physical potential of the family, is one of the basics in therapeutic nutrition and a good outlet for boredom and cases toxic to specific meals and module.
    It is always assure him that the stomach disease and diet House head of medicine.

3 - maintaining a normal blood glucose level.


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