Health food for heart patients

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Healthy food for heart patients
The patient's brother recalls that are not allowed to bring food from home if your access to the hospital and in relation to the diet at home and ensure the safety of your heart must be as follows:

1 - Replace full-fat dairy products such fat-free. 2 - intake of red meat (one meal per week) and chicken and birds (three meals per week skinned) and fish (three meals per week), especially salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel.
Relationship fish and heart disease:
Concentrated in fish, oils, beneficial unsaturated fats, especially omega-3, especially in salmon, tuna, and these oils play an important role in preventing injury seep harmful fats in the blood vessels due to reduced of Triglycerides fat triglycerides and cholesterol.
Resist the occurrence of stroke, heart attack as they work to reduce the adhesion of platelets with each resistant to high pressure and reduce the burden on the heart muscle, and thus Ease chance incidence of Heart attack.
3 -. Eating green salad day for a content of vitamins and minerals and a small amount of sugars non-complex simple: It vegetables are beneficial for the heart (spinach, tomatoes, carrots, turnips, artichokes, green beans, white beans, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, broccoli, beans, avocado) .
The fruits are beneficial for the heart:
Orange ..:
That eating three cups of orange juice a day helps to increase beneficial cholesterol by up to 21% and reduced Harmful cholesterol by (16%), it is certainly the greater the level of cholesterol in the blood less useful likelihood of coronary heart disease. It is known that orange juice contains antioxidants, which helps in the prevention of cancer and viruses in addition to the reduction of atherosclerosis.
Apricot: that eating apricot reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and can contribute to the protection of coronary heart disease.
Pomegranate: Pomegranate juice reduces the oxidation of Harmful cholesterol can reduce the deposition on the walls of the arteries.
Apple: lowers blood fats is one of the best fruit, especially apple on an empty stomach.
Melon: Contains material resists adhesion of platelets to each other .. And so it keeps the blood thinners and prevent blood clots .. It is the same effect known as aspirin.
In addition to bananas, grapes, pears, mango, raspberry, strawberries, and be sure to eating fruit shell.
Onions and garlic: Both very useful plants for the safety of the heart and arteries, they are making the best means of protection against high blood pressure, and high level of glucose (sugar) in blood, and the chance of blood clots arteries.
4 - eating nuts at a third of a cup of three to four times a week Almond and nuts because they contain fiber, vitamin E and other substances such as selenium anti-oxidants beneficial to the body, heart, and help to reduce the rate of cholesterol Harmful for example almond diet heart it lowers Harmful cholesterol by 16% and improves cholesterol beneficial by 36%.
5 - Do not take the coffee and tea, preferably green tea and its benefits are:
1 - The characteristics of the antioxidant tea: and that can protect arteries Sabotage, and resulting from arterial occlusion and clot in the heart and the tribe is the level of cholesterol lower in tea drinkers than in others
6 – Do not take the butter, margarine, palm oil, coconut oil and replace it with a vegetable oil such as corn oil and sunflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil.
7 - A tablespoon of olive oil per day as it helps to reduce cholesterol adverse R. and improve the beneficial cholesterol, which helps to provide protection from infection hardens arteries and angina.
8 - eggs from the very cholesterol-rich foods, which is concentrated in the yolk and advice here that if you're exposed to high cholesterol level should reduce the intake of eggs in particular, it is sufficient eggs a week and without the yolk.
9 -. That the honey bee is one of the best foods for heart patients in particular, where he works on strengthening the muscle tissue of the heart, and help in the repair and regeneration of body tissues in general.

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10 - avoid eating fatty foods desserts the in Arabic, cakes, biscuits, Twinkies and chocolate.
11 - meat cooked by boiling the best of grilled meats and fries.
12 -. Avoid obesity and to endeavor to reach a moderate weight.
13 - Ensure regular exercise.
14 - reducing the use of salt in cooking and to refrain from salted put on the table can also be replaced by herbal and spice.
15 - Do not use mayonnaise with power but used lemon juice or vinegar or skim milk.
16 - and flax seeds of the richest natural plant sources of omega-3 and the benefits of eating these seeds on the heart can be summarized as follows:
1 reduce the proportion of triglycerides in the blood.
2 reduce the amount of blood pressure.
3 reduces the desire in platelet adhesion to each other and thus prevent the blood clots.
4 reducing the severity of inflammatory processes in the body in general and especially the arteries narrow.
5 - protect and treated for prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer.
5 17 - eat brown bread instead of white bread.
19 - Eating too much cereal, Pirate and wheat instead of white rice.
20 - Trying to eat snacks biscuits, which contains a high amount of bran instead of plain biscuits.

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21 - Ensure the provision of a soup dish in the meal, such as soup or vegetable soup, cereal or oatmeal soup.
22 - Be sure to eat three times a week legumes such as beans and lentils.
23 - try to support the morning breakfast high fiber corn flakes with fruit.
24 - barley grain active role in reducing harmful cholesterol in the body, lowering blood sugar.
25 - Remember that your daily diet as a heart patient should be varied and contains the following food groups:
1 - cereals and derivatives group .2 - group vegetables .3 - fruit group 4 - milk and skim milk .5 - meat, fish 6 -, nuts 7 - mono unsaturated


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