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Soup diet for rapid weight reduction

This accursed which they are used soup as a key factor for weight reduction provided by a hospital in cardiac surgery in England for patients who suffer from obesity to work to reduce their weight quickly before a surgical procedure.

It consists basic soup to burn fat from these vegetables:
Six green onions or plant balls the
Kilo peeled tomatoes
Four beads, green pepper turkey
Two large package of only the head of celery
Two cubic soup vegetables and small amounts of salt and pepper, curry, parsley and meat soup without fat.

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The method
They cut the vegetables into small pieces and cover with boiling water ... and boil for 10 minutes .. Reduce heat to mature.
This soup will not add calories eaten when feeling hungry ... and whenever eating infected with obesity soup in large quantities, the lower weight quickly .. Should not be eaten this soup for a long time because they cause malnutrition.

And the instructions as follows: eaten this soup for 7 days during which reduces the weight of the 10 - 17 lbs if committed diet

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  If 15 pounds underweight should stop eating soup for two days ..

This accursed for a week working on washing the body of impurities .. And the rest of the treatment drugs allowed with eating soup.
The list of contraband during that period include - fried foods - soft drinks and other beverages Dieting

Can coffee, tea and fruit juice without sugar - with eating large amounts of water .. Can eat skim milk (not low-fat).

And eating soup during the first week has a special ritual:
The first day: soup is addressed only fruit except bananas and watermelon, mango, grapes, dates, figs ... and can have tea and coffee without sugar.

Second day: eating soup and all the fresh vegetables Watt authorities and green and fresh vegetables Watt Green authorities and boiled vegetables.. While refraining from legumes such as beans, peas, corn, dried fruit and can eat the fruit of boiled potatoes.

Third day: eating soup and vegetables Watt and if you committed diet literally, the weight on the third day may be a shortage of 5-7 pounds.

Fourth day: eating soup with one kilo bananas and skim us and drink 6-8 glasses of water and bananas contain potassium, carbohydrates and calcium milk needy body mechanism.

Fifth day: eating soup and half a kilo of tomatoes and half a kilo of meat boiled or the equivalent of fish or chicken skim the skin.

Sixth day: eating soup and vegetables and half a kilo of boiled or grilled meat .. Should not eat meat substitutes of fish or chicken because the body needs to meat protein.

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Seventh day: eating soup .. And brown rice .. And vegetables Watt and fruit juice without sugar .. It must stop for several days before starting to use the accursed again the same way.


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