23 important tips for a better life

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1. Stay away from white three toxins: toxins are white, salt, sugar and white flour avoided as much as possible they are injurious certainly reduced the salt may possible and stay away from the sugar for honey and use brown instead of white flour.


2. Chewing vegetables well: that chewing food well increases the proportion of chemicals to control cancer launched by vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower ...

3. Daily walk: Walking daily for half an hour or an hour reduces the possibility of developing cancer by 18% and helps to get rid of about 3 kilograms per year and maintains the strength of the body ...

4. Eating almonds: prefers eating almonds daily between meals and when feeling hungry they are nutrient-rich that God may lack the daily diet.

5. E. addition of cinnamon on coffee: Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of coffee daily as contribute to reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood and helps the body use insulin more effectively and is therefore very useful for diabetics if it Continued

6. No need to wheel and speed: You must take the time when doing daily chores to avoid exposure to high blood pressure

7. Add half a teaspoon of black bean to cup skim milk yogurt and eat it every day if possible.

8. 3 daily servings of fruits and vegetables: Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits at a rate of 3 servings daily, they reduce the risk of heart attack by 70% ..

9. Pharmacy wonderful garlic protects against many diseases: Garlic impressed natural medicines for many diseases, but after using chew anything from green vegetables such as parsley until it has passed its smell and clean the mouth before going to the mosque

10. bitter best antibiotic: Chemical antibiotics very harmful if multiplied of use and bitter but useful as an antibiotic has many other benefits, and has nothing to harm caused by Use it, when the need for antibiotic shall find when Herbal shops.

11. Be sure to follow the type of moles on the skin: Research suggests that the ability to observations of changes in the various moles on the skin increased by 13% and that careful observation of avoiding cancer.


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12. Dental hygiene: Be careful to avoid wetting the toothbrush with water before placing them where the putty dry brush increases the possibility of getting rid of plaque by 67%.

13. Sleep better: eating apples to combat insomnia and sleep deeply Sleeping helps to combat premature aging and maintain youthful skin

14. Always use vinegar: vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar best materials for the body and countless benefits used teaspoon daily with the power

15. Drinking green tea: It is recommended to take a cup of green tea daily, which prevents oxidation in the cells of the body, and reduces the possibility of the occurrence of cancer and better results drink it  the center without sugar.

16. Eating fish once a week: despite the fact that specialists recommend eating fig share of fish per week, but that eating one serving can help to improve the balance of brain chemicals, and fish is beneficial for heart health and brain ..

17. Apples pill every day avoid doctor: an old tip but correct actually very useful apple accustomed to eating an apple a day and you will notice an improvement in your health

18. Eating too much fruit: eat fruit between meals where natural digestion and helps rid the body of toxins and impurities ...

19. Integrated pharmacy olive oil: Olive oil of the strangest natural substances that have countless benefits Keep
it daily drink and paint.

20. Eating two pieces of chocolate a day: where experts confirms that chocolate away from you and anemia improved mood

21 .. Not to carry heavy purposes: Stay away from carrying any heavy bags so as not to affect the spine or on the way to stand up and walk negatively.

22 .. Attention to the color of the tongue: The color of the tongue to be an indicator of the health problems, so be sure to color and gained any different color, Fallon White indicates weakness in the immune system, and yellow indicates the excessive food, drink and red at the tip of the tongue is an indication of stress. Important Tips for your health.


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23 .. Hiking out of the house: and change out of the daily routine helps to boost morale and get away from stress and depression, as the program should be prepared for a walk outside the home and visiting family and relatives and friends


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