The reasons for weight gain

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The people who work at night and eat their food in late or those who wake up in the middle of the night for a snack most prone to obesity and weight gain.

And controlled by hormonal fluctuations and changes in the routine which is also called "circadian rhythm" to the human body and mainly involved eating at the supposed time during the day. 

With the increase of human energy needs, it is necessary to give our bodies ample amounts of calories, which is fuel for our activities.

If they eat human food at times unusual, for example, in the late night, it so happens imbalance in the hormonal balance who shall body produces large amounts of the hormone "Jerlin" which generates a feeling of hunger and occurs at the same time a lack of the hormone "Leptin" that generates a feeling of satiety.

These two hormones in control of appetite and feeling of satiety or hunger, if there is any disruption in the work of these two hormones, the body is exposed to serious damage. 


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 There are some people have convinced to eat after seven in the evening helps them to lose weight and not gain weight again. Regardless of the validity or usefulness of this strategy or not, the dietitians provide some tips to For those people that will help them in the application of this strategy optimally.

Similarly, the rate of speed of eating human food affects the size of the calories that enter the body. In this regard, many scientists feet of research, but the most important research is the one prepared by the researcher Kokinos and other researchers interested in endocrine and metabolism. 


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 This research provides us with a better understanding of the impact of the physiological consequences on the speed of eating human food. According to the findings of the research, the speed of eating affects the levels of certain hormones in the human body as a result of these changes occur several disorders in hunger and satiety hormones.

The play hormones PYY and GLP-1 and Jerlin a role in this process. Kokinos has discovered that the level of hormones PYY and GLP-1 is high in people who eat their food slowly. It is known that these hormones are responsible for human feeling of satiety. The researcher also discovered that hormone Jerlin is high in people who eat their food binge and is also known that hormone Jerlin is responsible for human feeling hungry. The research confirms the findings of previous research, it became certain that the level of the hormone is directly responsible for the feeling of fullness when people who eat their food slowly and the feeling of hunger in people who eat their food quickly. The interesting thing in this study that the person who eat his food quickly feel hungry after two hours of eating a meal unlike people who eat food slowly.

So, of course, if a person could change dietary habits and began to eat meals on time and without accelerating, with chewing food 20 to 30 times before swallowing it so will be able to reduce the consumption of calories
healthy diets.

Most of all you will feel satiety after eating a meal will not feel the need to eat only after a long time, or until the time of the next meal. In sum, the speed control food intake and eating meals in a timely manner to the two best advice can be offered to those who want to maintain their weight and not gain more weight. So you madam are some tips that came in these studies and being eager to follow!

If you do not you eat the food in the middle of the morning (
viz, when the ninth or tenth), you we have skipped the supposed date for breakfast. You should note that a good breakfast should contain adequate amounts of fiber and protein so you do not feel satiety until the time of lunch.

Here are the top tips of the study:

- Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a timely manner or exceeds any of them. If you feel hungry during the day you can have a snack or split meals to small meals
To address the feel hungry during the day. 


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- Eat sufficient quantities of water.

- Make sure you have dinner two hours before bedtime or three (at seven or eight in the evening).

- Make the breakfast and the main meal and was keen to be a big meal and don't eat  large amounts of food at dinner.

- Clean your teeth to curb appetite and maintaining the health of your teeth. When you clean the teeth after a meal dinner
Will be able to of resisting the desire to eat late at night.

- run yourself during the evening instead of staying inside the bedroom, experts advise exercise activities such as participation in a game or practice walking or pushup until your mind is busy with anything other than food.

- Do not eat refined sugar and eat foods rich in protein and fiber. Eat nuts and grains instead of potato chips.

- Not eat food and you're in a bad psychological state.

- Do not
Exercise any activities while eating like watching TV or reading a magazine.

- If I had to eat late at night, make sure that these foods are low calorie and fat.



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