10 bad habits lead to weight gain

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Explain researchers and experts
That one structure may respond to some trivial things that may have a great impact on the march
One, so experts advise rid of bad eating habits, which lead to weight gain
It is possible that the cause of obesity, and replace them with healthy habits that ensure the safety body. As
There are some persons who commit errors are common in their followers in order to diet
Weight loss.

 In order to help you
To achieve what you mean and overcome all are hampered by your success, we highlight the following errors
The most commonly committed by individuals when their followers for a certain diet:

• Do not
Eating enough calories

healthy diets  When one does not eat what the body needs calories
Thermal, and certainly feel very hungry. Not be the result of only slow down your metabolism in the body,
What prevents burn calories.

• orientation
To soft drinks free of sugars or those that contain artificial sweeteners

 Numerous studies have shown that those drinks paid one
To eat larger amounts of food, due to what it contains artificial sweeteners increase
The level of insulin in the body a very large degree, where insulin level rise
Turn to increase one's desire to eat.

Do not
Eating fruits

 Although the various juices provide the body with some vitamins
And metals, but that the juice contains the largest proportions of calories and less fiber ratios,
Compared to what it contains whole fruits beads.

• Do not

 Creating a body to move, and when one does not practice exercises
Sports or physical activities, it is without a doubt lose strength and vitality and burn less amount
Calories, no doubt that the problem is exacerbated with time and one begins to gain weight

• Loss
Muscle mass

 The body starts using the energy stored in fat and muscle
One has to follow the diet, and although we all want to get rid of fat,
However, we certainly do not want to lose muscle mass, so one should be keen to
Exercise that helps to strengthen muscles and build. The muscles play
A not insignificant role in burning calories.

• Do not
Planning for meals

 The plan did not put one court put him foundations stimulate
On eating healthy foods, it will be difficult things at the same certainly, should therefore
One has to be allocated at the beginning of time each week to plan meals and in order to get a result
Satisfactorily meet his expectations.

• Eat
Fast food

 The eating junk food contributes significantly to give
One has a few extra calories. No doubt we all know it! But what they do not learn is
That many of the options that served in restaurants as healthy may not be so in reality healthy diets
Matter, so one should avoid junk food whatsoever.

• Eat
Fast food

 One has to chew food well and intake
He sat. As long as the body needs for twenty minutes to send a signal to the brain indicating sufficiency
Of food, the mind will not receive such a reference if one eating fast food / leading
To overeating.

• follow
Harsh diet containing only very small percentages of fat

 While it may seem that refraining from eating fat
Final is a good thing, but the mind will suffer fuel shortages that one did so, what will lead to
Feeling a sharp pain and excessive hunger.

• Excessive
In different drinks
healthy diets  One would usually unaware of the fact contain drinks

Different calories enormous. The best solution is to replace all sweetened beverages
Coffee and energy drinks with water and unsweetened tea.

Does not require weight loss
But to make some adjustments to the usual diet, as that weight gain is very easy
With these bad habits, the decrease is much easier to refrain from pursuing these habits.


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