Tips before you start the accursed system

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Tips before you start the accursed system
1. Set a reasonable target for a balanced body, you must divide the diet approach to several phases especially when the desire loss of more than 10 kilograms.
2. Failure to follow the system of deprivation or starvation in order to slim.
3. Privacy: In order to avoid the criticism and avoid "tips" Friends on the system used.


Sit around the table and eat at ease.
5. Chewing food well and quietly.
6. Eating between meals, some liquids such as grapefruit, tea and fruit juice to avoid the sense of hunger.
7. Put the balance out of sight during the first ten days of the application system. Stay away from junk food.
8. Snacking multi much better than the adoption of three meals or stay even hunger.
Eating fruits individually and not after a meal directly as do most of the East, especially in Arab countries, where scientifically proven that eating fruits after a meal directly leads to disturbances in digestion and an increase in weight, weight loss programs so try eating fresh fruit on an empty stomach morning and after meals three hours at least.
10. Do not go shopping situation of hunger.
11. Choosing the right diet you only and is not a friend.
12. Careful to eat the least possible amount of calories found in fluid Calories the high found in foods more useful, and eating foods high makes you feel that you have dealt with a greater degree of food.
13. - Eating a large amount of water before eating almost half an hour to evaluating Drink slowly, this would reduce the intake of calories to a large extent, as the water will make you eat less food when you sit down to the table.

14. Eating a dish of power before your meal at about "10-20 minutes" this would help you lost your appetite when you eat.
15. Make sure you do not wait until you feel hungry significantly since that makes you eat food greedily larger than leads to increase what you eat all required ..
weight loss programs To avoid this you need to eat some snacks between meals three basic.
16. Identify dates of your meals and you have to respect these appointments on as much as you can.

Make sure to eat all kinds of foods and do not deprive yourself from eating dishes that you prefer the, the abstention for eating a particular food makes you feel so upset I eat a certain amount than you prefer ..


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