Chili benefits for the body

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Chili is good for health, although temperature.

Strengthen the stomach and aid digestion

Possess chili stimulate the role of the mouth, stomach and intestines and increases the movement of the stomach and intestines and Secretion pay hormones digestion and improves the flavor of foods.

 And conducted some Chinese experts in the field of medicine and nutrition investigations in the provinces of Hunan and Sichuan exposes that the incidence of stomach ulcers among residents of the two provinces are down more than in other regions as well as their preference eat chili because it is useful for the renewal of the gastric mucosa and protect jobs cells of the stomach and intestines and injury prevention stomach ulcers.
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    Prevention of gall stone

Eat green peppers useful for the prevention of gallstone bitterness because green pepper contains ample vitamins, especially vitamin C and converts cholesterol into bile acid which constitutes the prevention of gallstone gallbladder. And must be infected with the disease should always eat green peppers rich in vitamin C because it plays a role in alleviating the disease.

    Improve heart function

Chili plays a major role in improving the functions of the heart and push blood circulation in addition to the reduction of fat in the blood and reduce blood clot also plays a protective role of vascular diseases.

The scientists revealed that chili helps to lower blood sugar and relieve the pain caused by various skin diseases.
Chili and can dissolve the fat inside the body effectively and push your metabolism and it is useful for weight loss.
A proven scientific research in Japan recently that he can eat through a combination of chili and soy beans to grow hair and eyebrows in humans.
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Confirmed assistant professor at the University of "Kumamoto" for the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, Kenji Aokajima, has proven to be the component mix of material known as "capsaicin" that makes hot peppers, and article "Aissovlavon" within soybeans, beans and other help in maintaining the hair of the head and eyebrows and prevents hair loss., the articles Lead to raise the rate of a substance called the "calcitonin" that contribute to nerve stimulation sensitive and in turn raise the growth rate of "insulin" helper in the growth of hair in humans, according to news agency quoted Kuwaiti news.

    The experiment was conducted by living a number of people, including a person who was suffering from hair loss due to the daily pressures experienced by, asked him to eat six Milligrams of substance "capsaicin" every day over the entire month. The result was that the man's hair returned to growth in the head and his eyebrows again, and that after two months of this experience hair returned to normal.

Usefulness: multiple soybean its product: Bean - Milk
Solution in chili:
While rousing the chili of your tongue is burning at the same time the genes of cancer, because they contain antioxidants that interfere immediately in the Union of nitrates and amino acids, which cause stomach cancer also contributes pepper in preventing genes of cancer that are found in cigarette smoke that causes lung cancer .
Pepper plant that has surprised some of my brothers him when he knows that the this fire plant tongue and cold it kind of presents and gentler What the fact that to the body from the inside .. Which is one of the best bio-stimulants and Flavors in general.
When Asians are the first known cultivation of this plant and realized some of the benefits of aid to digestion.
Europeans did not know Him only after the Columbus Trips , to the New World and the Greeks called capsicum name which is the current scientific name him, which means to bite any bite or bites.

    The finest red chili pepper is grown in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and in the U.S. state of Louisiana.

And two peppers are we as we know, the kind that takes a somewhat circular shape which is which is not widely to taste and pepper type fire cold slow down the digestion of chili

Study was the work which has been reached to the benefits of pepper They pepper contain considerable benefits reflected mainly on two blood circulation and digestion. Because it regulates blood pressure, strengthens the heart, reduce cholesterol and cleans the circulatory system and dealing with ulcers, stops bleeding, and accelerate wound healing, and restoration of damaged tissue, and reduce congestion, and help digestion, as they ease the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and prevent the spread of epidemics.

Operates pepper to activate all the organs of the body and its cells, as they are used throughout the world as a stimulant and astringent and antispasmodic, and refreshing for blood circulation and anti-depression, as well as it anti-bacterial and if used in the form of spices, they help digestion and relieve baffles intestinal by stimulating the stomach in order to produce more mucus.

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      In China, used pepper warm Light to appetite and promote secretion of saliva which helps digestion. As in the circulatory system, they help pepper arteries, veins and capillaries to restore flexibility by feeding the cells lowering cholesterol

Observed the ability of pepper on the cholesterol-lowering for the first time during the experiment routine at the Institute for Research Technologies Food Central, in Missouri, when he added the scientists pepper to foods containing a large amount of cholesterol were fed to animals, but scientists observed that cholesterol did not rise as expected, but on the contrary the work the body put pepper or has the body to prevent the absorption of cholesterol and other studies have shown that food played an integral role in Capsicum's ability to help the body get rid of excess cholesterol. In fact, the peppers were not able to affect the body's absorption of cholesterol when the food contains a small amount of protein. But when the amount of protein found in food enough  the peppers have been able to prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol significantly. In addition to preventing the formation of cholesterol, the bell works to dilute the "liquidity" blood and prevent clots, as they are active device which solves the fiber, thus working to prevent the formation of blood clots and analyzes formed of them, according to a study conducted in a hospital Serbdaj in Thailand.

    And refers scientists that the activity of a device that analyzes the fiber lasts for 30 minutes after eating peppers, and helps intake of Capsicum daily survival analysis of fiber actually for a longer period, and therefore the population Teogoaana, Africa, Korea and India Do not suffer from coagulopathy.
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      And help Capsicum to stimulate the movement of blood more than any other plant .. Therefore has been described as one of the best plants appropriate to crises, and they raise the efficiency of the work of the circulatory system, the pepper, red enhances the body's energy and mitigate the effects of stress faced by human, and revealed tests conducted at the University of Düsseldorf that peppers increase the patient's ability to concentrate, and show that the effects of anti-fatigue and stimulant for the body occur on a temporary basis and without any damages.

Nutritional value containing peppers on many essential nutrients for the health of the circulatory system, including vitamin C and mineral salts as they contain large amounts of vitamin "A", which helps the healing of gastric ulcers, and the more the red pepper, increased the amount of vitamin "A" where One type of pepper and named Paprika is characterized as holds the largest amount of vitamin C among all other species, including the peppers contain a large amount of mineral salts sulfur, iron, calcium and magnesium in addition to phosphorus, it is considered a panacea against diabetes and Puff, arthritis, pancreatitis, and the unique features of her its ability to act as a stimulant / if they enhance the beneficial effects of other herbs by ensuring rapid and complete distribution of active elements in the herbs of the main centers in the body, Such devices responsible for metabolic processes, and information transfer, and cellular respiration and nuclear hormonal activity.

    Uses: As a small amount of pepper can increase the effectiveness of most of the other herbs, it has been used in most mixtures of herbal to increase its effectiveness, when added to the garlic, for example, they increase the effectiveness of the antibiotic, as it strengthens its influence to become similar to penicillin is known that garlic and pepper together working on lowering blood pressure quickly and safely.
The peppers are used to relieve pain and to treat respiratory problems and gynecology and the treatment of heart disease in addition to the treatment of the thyroid gland.
When you add a little vinegar to the peppers, they become useful for cleaning human bronchi.


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