Healthy food for the elderly

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Should consider the following in their diet:
Reduce the number of calories they consume that food contains elements of a balanced rich in protein .. Medium for a relatively poor carbohydrate fat full of vitamins.
Eat your vegetables in abundance to help the digestive system to work to the fullest with reducing the amount of salt to reduce fluid held by the tissue. Meals at regular intervals so that there be at least 4 hours between the meal and the other.

Dinner should be early to prevent sleep disturbance due to bloating gas. Must engage in physical elderly especially walking and not to immortality comfort to prevent the incidence of mental illness, giving them additional amounts of vitamin "d" to renew their activity .. And an adequate amount of calcium for avoid Blaine bone injury and anemia.

Model for elderly meals:
- A cup of fruit juice.
- One egg.
- Half a loaf of toasted bread.
- Tea cup + two tablespoons of milk.


- Vegetable soup dish.
- Meat or fish dish.
- Half a loaf of brown bread.
- French fries one.
- A cup of coffee. - Fruit.

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- A small cup tomato soup.
- Meat dish.
- Half a loaf of brown bread.
- Boiled potatoes "one."
- Fruit.


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