Tips for pregnant women

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Sleep and rest:

A pregnant woman to sleep eight hours to ten a day at night, and for an hour after lunch at noon, women feel much urgent need to sleep in the months of pregnancy the first and this is a natural phenomenon holder can not sleep where as you want, but during the months of pregnancy last. It has to sleep on her back or on a Her side so as not to disturb her.

Bathing and swimming:

You can shower and standing in the bathtub, and Beware for slip feet or fall in the bath or dish on the tip, because the balance is not fixed in the last months of pregnancy. With regard to swim it is not harmful to cradle requirement that health intact and complaining of pregnancy complications. And swimming should be engaged in a quiet pools are abundant clean water is acceptable and should not be exposure to the sun for only a very short time.

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Sir Sports:

You can engage in physical exercise outdoors and most importantly to walk on at stages one kilometer a day. Sir for half an hour a day increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. As stressful Sports and harsh Is undesirable. It is also the duty to refrain from carrying heavy things and weight exposure to violent Shakiness the car and some amusement park games.

Alcoholic beverages:

A pregnant woman should be aware that the amount of alcohol you eat whatever slim in its consideration, it quickly reaches the blood of the fetus through the placenta and affect it in the last command.

Also a lot of alcohol or addiction because of serious complications when pregnant, such as preterm birth and early abortion and diabetes.

Take care of Breasts in preparation for breastfeeding:

Cleans breasts daily with soap and lukewarm water throughout pregnancy, and Wipe them Ointments palliative to prevent cracking of the skin and nipple. Recommend to expose breasts to air for ten minutes a day before and after the afternoon in preparation for breastfeeding.

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Teeth stand:

A pregnant woman to take care of teeth during pregnancy should consult with a physician on necrosis damaged. And pregnancy does not prevent cavities or rotten Takeoffs Contrary to popular belief that it affects the life of the fetus and in danger of dropping, but the opposite is true provided that uproots teeth only under local anesthesia. As Recommend the clean teeth brushing and toothpaste twice daily and eating fluoride (Fluor) throughout the duration of the pregnancy.


The majority of doctors are opposed to smoking during pregnancy. It is proven that children born of mothers who heavily addicted to smoking are less weight and size than others. The preterm birth occur overnight with by the weakness of others.

Abdominal cuticle cracking:

Can avoid cracks the abdomen that called convective mammals, follow The following tips:

(First): You must avoid overweight and obesity during pregnancy.

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Food pregnant

It should be clearly understood that eating mother sufficient quantity of types of food that are in need, is more important than eating much of any food whatsoever., And a pregnant woman not to trust the advice of any person that they should eat twice what they eat before pregnancy, because the double eating only been to abnormal obesity that lead to birth complications.

The carrier says:
What if we were, we women, we feel during pregnancy bigger appetite, and need for more quantity of food?

It is true that a pregnant woman's appetite for food and the need to increase food a little bit about portability regular mirror, except that the amount of calories that you need are the same carrier that you need non-pregnant women, an increase of 250 calories per day. Do not believe one that many food may increase the size of the fetus or that I said to lead to weakness and death, this is a grave mistake, since pregnant women need a balanced diet to provide him her baby with all the necessary materials needed without harmful to their health or deformation strength.


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