Diet Ways belly in one week

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Loss abdomen in one week is hardly some people think, difficult but the hardest of it to see yourself all the time your body in the case of increasing and more problems which plague women and men alike are obese,

especially when of concentration of fat around the waist and abdomen, especially after pregnancy and childbirth facing many of us some problems in the retrieving their bodies in the same shape before pregnancy and childbirth have added before that about how to remove the fat and tips necessary to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy, but now we are talking in general about the accumulated fat around the waist abdomen and meals must Organized in fruition until You can get rid of rumen and large belly. The Loss abdomen in one week is not easy and get rid of the rumen and abdominal fat and tighten the abdominal muscles and prevent sagging resulting from LOSS abdominal As you know, it's a big problem, especially in the month such as the month of Ramadan, unfortunately, come out of it a lot of people abdomen big paunch and this is the result neglected in the health system frequently and eat the wrong habits in Arab societies and the negligence of the general shape and then shouting the highest voice of save us than we got him.

Diet Ways belly in one week
On this subject will simply clear the way LOSS rumen and melt the accumulated fat around the waist and abdomen by following the beginning of the diet drink natural tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a glass of water on an empty stomach before every meal and before bedtime.

Breakfast for abdominal LOSS:
Drink a cup of coffee and a cup ginger or cinnamon milk fresh light skim.
Then evaluated enjoy a cup Juice Islands and beet (beet).
And health-food meal to lose belly:
Eating cups of carrot juice with half a pill and you can add beet juice orange juice on the islands if you d.
A cup cinnamon or ginger without milk.
A cup grapefruit juice + fish, chicken or roast beef without salt or small amounts.

And dinner and has a strong factor in the abdomen loss:
A cup of coffee.
Then Two glasses Islands, with orange juice with half a grain of beet.
And eating cinnamon or ginger Cup without milk + cup yogurt.
When you feel hungry: Drink 2 cup of cinnamon or a large cup ginger

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  And all those meals must at infrequent intervals so as not to feel hungry after periods as short as advise the importance of exercise as it is located by the payer large in burning those fats and there are some false beliefs when exercise should Known it them Beware do not even Located it where to get loss sound of the abdomen. -->


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