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* To this conclusion reached Research Institute of Child Nutrition in Dortmund, German (West) through a multi-faceted study on children, followed over the years, feeding habits, and their physical and mental development, and then their health in adulthood. The study included 525 families from different backgrounds and classes, educational level, and focused on feeding and development of children aged less than 3 years, and then continued their development into young adulthood.

The researcher Annette Hellbg, specializing in child nutrition, the cornerstone of human nutrition at the stage of maturity is usually placed in childhood, especially in the transition from child nutrition to porridge (food is solid) to the stage of food routine and eating baby food on the dining table of the family.

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She said the researcher, who led the research team, it is difficult to change the feeding habits acquired by the child in his early years, accompanied by these habits later in maturity; It is quite difficult to change the style and content of their food after long years made the nutrition part of the biological clock. The adult human faces, who learned certain feeding habits in childhood, a disturbance in metabolism (metabolism) pave the way for the emergence of chronic diseases.

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* The study monitored the German child generally deals with a lot of meat, sausages, and other meat products, and a lot of candy at the expense of eating fruits and vegetables. It is also important that the child does not address the German only 0.4 liters of fluids, especially water, while the minimum necessary for the development of future health is at least 0.7 liters.

And child eats an average of 50 grams of candy, especially chocolate, and this is double the health limit proposed by the Research Institute of Child Nutrition and the 25 - 30 g. The child needs to power of course, but this energy is restricted to sugar, it will appear in the future in the form of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay, not to mention celiac disease in childhood and adolescence.

And add Annette Hellbg the child, in the transition to the family table, taking with him his parents' feeding habits, they fill out a model for him. This means that the child-rearing on good nutrition habits remain encumbered consciously and culture of their parents.
This is located on the parents' task of organizing baby food to ensure the development of the subsequent free from chronic diseases.

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  The issue is that busy parents to work, and limiting the family table, ready-made dishes and frozen, Serbian baby to these habits. And lacks many of the families to the information necessary for the child's transition from normal to eat porridge, and this leaves its impact on the growth of the child's physical, mental, of course.

It is remarkable, and this is what emerged from the study, that many families continue to feed the baby porridge, despite sitting at the family table and despite missed 3 years of age. Perhaps there is a case of phobia (phobia) common; one infect family for fear of feeding the baby normal food, and the second is known in some children called 'New phobia', viz the fear of new food that provides them. Here we should accustom the baby food 'drive' the new gradually through intermittent and varied meals.

The proper nutrition for does not mean Force him the baby to eat spinach every day, for example, and the denial of fingers Ready potatoes, but the daily nutrition ready-made fried potatoes, will not save the child from obesity and its consequences. The issue is the need to provide meals integrated and balanced diet where little meat and a lot of vegetables and fruits. Nor Bass pasta and rice, fish, milk and dairy products and grains, but they should not forget the water.

The study also proves that feeding the baby is not devoid of aspects of the class, Families leisured, and the highest-educated, better than the other in Germany in terms of balancing a healthy child's diet. But this affluent families were not better than the other hand, forgetting the most important elements of a healthy diet is water


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