Integrated food to your child ... 3 months up to the age of the year

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There are a lot of questions posed by the mother to the pediatrician about integrated food and appropriate for her child, which increases maternal anxiety sometimes take place in some cases the answers contradictory causing her confusion and anxiety raise Compassion her on her child and therefore the oldest to mandate the mother of this issue so Benefit it .. .

Suggests Dr. Anne Doreen Dietitian children in a sanatorium Stanford, that despite the fact that when the baby is ready to accept meals first in his life, but that since the beginning have a taste for and his own personality, temperament, who raises his appetite back, or makes his appetite this repel hunger Once again, the mother must therefore be taken into account when they start feeding her baby beside the milk when you pass the first three months.
D prepared. Doreen list of healthy eating for children from the age of three months until the age of puberty, the mother can help in choosing the proper food for her child.

The third month:

After that pass the child its third month, the new phase of this life begins, if a sound body, do not back his need of food confined to the milk alone, but beyond that to add a meal, and is the food made from wheat flour, or any other type of flour Available in pharmacies and sold specifically for infants, the best types of food to start with, and if the child is suffering from constipation it is best to be given boiled flour barley, but if he was suffering from diarrhea, it is best to be given boiling of wheat flour, cream of rice so confused flour, a little water, then Add him milk and simmer for 5 minutes and provides for the child by breastfeeding, it is best to provide this meal at noon along with six feedings of milk.

healthy meal plans
The fourth month:

Add the meal seconds of boiling while decreases meals milk so that it becomes his food consisted of half-board boiled, and four bottles of milk, also increased the amount of meal to 130 grams, preferably at the beginning of the fourth month preparing baby's stomach to get used to the system five meals a day, it is more comfortable for the mother so that it is done without yield loss food for the child, setting off an increase of the amount of flour until it reaches to 170 grams per meal, it becomes a so-board boiled and only three bottles of milk that separates the meal and the other three hours.

Fifth month:

Enters vegetable soup in this month and have it replace a half-board flour meal of vegetable soup consisting of 130 grams of boiled vegetables and 50 grams of milk, and one teaspoon of vegetable puree, spoon of flour, rice and a pinch of salt to boil vegetables in a sufficient quantity of water for two hours and then insert it amounts mentioned above, the best vegetables in the beginning potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and can buy vegetables packaged for children from the markets, and the best time to give the baby soup before a meal back consisting of boiled, preferably to be given to the baby by spoon, and thus becomes food Child is composed of five meals is 2 meals of powder 180 grams and three bottles of milk, it is possible to add well-mashed banana or half a grated apple to the noon meal.

healthy meal plans

The sixth month:

This month happens a radical change in the system of child nutrition where it enters the eggs and juice meat to meals to be provided in very small amounts and be cooked perfectly, and the eggs can be seethe then mashing well and offers twice a week where it becomes child's diet in the morning, boiled with milk 200 grams with soup spoon and three hours later give him fruit juice in the lunch offers a powder vegetable juice with meat or egg yolk, and in the era offers him one type of fruit mashed bananas or apples, at age 200 grams of milk with biscuits for dinner boiled Such as the morning enters vegetable soup.

Of the seventh month until the twelfth month:

Enters the meat instead of juice, meat by 30 to 50 grams is added to vegetable soup, and it can be replaced with chicken, fish, egg yolk, in addition to fruits and can feed the baby rice and pasta as well as fruit and remain meal boiled in the morning as usual, and provides for the child's milk with a piece of biscuit with a high content of meals to about 225 grams per meal.
And you should pay attention to the need not to give the baby a lot of vegetables, if we found accepts it appetite fear of a simple case of irritability Intestine, and the system that graded the child of six bottles of milk to four meals a variety within nine months a flexible system that puts the taste of the child and his health taken into account, it is not necessary to apply literally and strictly so the mother can choose according to deem appropriate for her child as this system developed by Dr.. Doreen generally supposed to majority of children accept it, if the mother feels that her objection to some of its parts should not force him the money he wants, but should consult with her doctor about it.


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