An integrated program for weight loss

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This Is The Best Way To weight loss programs
There are a lot of programs that provide certain diets help people with obesity to get rid of some excess weight, by selecting the quantities of everyday eating.

In general, similar to some of these programs on the grounds that any diet (diet) should start first to reduce the number of calories daily to 1800-1000 calories, and is not acceptable reduction in proteins, as it is used mainly in the construction of tissue and not a source of energy, and therefore then attention must be focused on reducing carbohydrates and fats as sources of energy.

Here, one of the health systems that can help cut calories within the body, and thus lose weight:
  And breakfast at eight in the morning:
1 - cup of tea or coffee plus a standard 4 teaspoons of milk with a tablespoon sugar (can be increased tea into cups or three, but without milk or sugar) which can be put sugar in the first cup, drinking more than a cup then without sugar.
2 - one egg.

Way to prepare eggs:
As Brecht (half cook) or boiled and fried using butter or oil to cook food or eggs.
3 - half a loaf, and prefers to be brown.
4 - Butter piece does not exceed teaspoon placed on bread and a spoonful of honey.

Lunch at the second session or one in the afternoon:
1 - a quarter of a medium-sized chicken (preferably taking half of the issued), or fish the size of a quarter of a chicken, or a piece of meat or liver same size.

Cooking method:
Either grilled or boiled with the need not to use margarine, butter or oil in cooking.
2 - Vegetables: Any amount eaten by the person according to his desire, but he has to stay away from starches and legumes (such as potatoes, beans and bread).
Cooking method:
Poached It is possible to use the soup meat or chicken in the way of cooking, but must stay away from margarine or butter or oil can take any amount of power without oil and placed them any amount of lemon and without salt, and can add a small amount of vinegar if a person wants to, provided they do not the use of mayonnaise.

weight loss programs

1 - any amount the person wants, but must stay away from certain fruits, such as: bananas, grapes, mangoes and dates.
2 - after two or three hours of lunch can take a cup of tea or coffee plus a standard 4 teaspoons of milk, one piece of sugar (a teaspoon) - and can then take the last cup without sugar.
3 - severed taken bread toast after Roasted
on fire, or of bread, bacon and placed them a teaspoon of butter and add to it a spoonful of honey or jam such as white jam orange .
And dinner at seven in the evening: 

1 - cup of tea or coffee plus a standard 2 tablespoon of milk and one piece of sugar , in addition to a piece of toast without butter or jam. 
2 - piece of cheese or salmon or sardines (small amount) or 2 hard-boiled egg Brecht or rigid in addition to the authority upon request.
3 - and fruit by the above-mentioned before.

First: the allowed foods:
First: things permitted unconditionally:
1 - fresh fruit, but without the prohibited items.
2 - any amount of vegetables except Items Previous prevented.
3 - tea or coffee in any quantity not exceeding all three pieces of sugar and milk for ten teaspoons.
4 - soup, meat, chicken or fish without adding oil or margarine, butter or seasoning.
5 - any amount of water, it is possible to eat soda or lemon juice (lemonade) without sugar and the quantity easy.

Second: totally forbidden things:
1 - all kinds of carbonated water.
2 - Use oil or margarine in cooking and fried foods.
3 - nuts, sugars, candied sweets and starches.
4 - and rice pudding with milk and desserts (cake special and gelato) and starches such as: pasta and rice .. Etc..


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