Important tips for proper nutrition for the child

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1- Your child's feet rations of food in small dishes, cups

2- feet of him five or six small meals a day instead of three
Large meals.

3- feet of him, three cups of milk a day to provide him with the amount of calcium
which is enough for the growth of his bones.

4- children eat very slowly give your child enough time to eat.

5- Let the time eating free from tension and calm, it is difficult for
irritable child's anxiety to eating.
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6- give fruits and vegetables, juice, cheese and cakes
Main meals.

7- Try to avoid giving your child a cola soft drinks, coffee
And tea and sweet cakes and pastries These are all not contain substances
Nutrients that your baby needs, as it reduces the sense of hunger Refrain eating deadlines.

8 - should you, dear mother to plan the light for the meal so as not to affect appetite as well as being a key part of the meal.

9- Consult your doctor if did not  observe  any improvement in your child's weight or i
f you notice an increase in weight.

10- Encourage your child to activity and movement in order to be physical growth
natural and social.
  11- Encourage your child to follow good eating habits


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